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    try right clicking on the exe file and run as administrator.

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    zeromx - you saved my ps3 tv on xmb!


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    No worries

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    ok so I finally managed to add the TV icon to the xmb. I added the files to where they belong (dev_hdd0/tmp/explore/xil/tv). I restarted the ps3 but still can't see the tv channel icons there. Also, can I add streaming links as well as http links (i.e mms and rtsp)? will that work?

    Also, most people do not have the TV icon there, so you should probably add this to your guide and upload the sxil.cxml file people need in order to make the TV icon appear. I got this from a pkg I found somewhere. Since I'm from Norway I do not have the TV icon there by default. But ok, back to my questions.

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    hi guys, i'm in uk and my uk console is also missing the TV icon and bbc iplayer. I followed several pieces of advice, but none seem to work

    I've tried:-

    editing the settings via xregistry
    updating via normal webpages/browsing
    copied the ready-made tv folder that zeromx has posted

    Why do i not have the TV icon? Is there a pkg for 3.55 cfw?

    I would like to update everyone, that i've got the tv icon back. But even after editing the xil.xml file, the only icon i can see is of Qook TV. All bbc iplayer, itv, channel 4 are missing.

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    - download the attached file on page 8 (tv.rar)
    - navigate to dev_hdd0\tmp\explore\xil\tv on your ps3 and extract tv.rar into folders c and ctmp and see if it works.

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    thanks for your help zero mx. I've managed to get the tv icon on, by using a french app called TV Channel Universal v1. The downloadable file includes a pkg tv icon installer and a tv channel creator.

    Just to help others, you can get it attached below from:

    Now here is the problem. The TV icon that has appeared in xmb has qook tv icon underneath it, which is selectable, but its in chinese, so its unreadable. I unfortunately still can't get the bbc, itv or 4oD to show. FYI, I have also tried your tv.rar and changed the folder numbers, db.xml, xil.xml file info from your number to mine, but it still ain't showing.

    I'm really getting frustrated and don't know what else i could do.

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    Have you tried to delete all the files in your tv folder and replace it completely with mine and NOT modify anything? try to restart after and see if that works.

    -ps, it worked for another member with the same situation.

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    i deleted everything, but still no luck. I don't suppose you can help me via skype mate?

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    PS3 channel creator disaster help?

    hi guys, after playing around with ps3 chanel creator i managed to loose bbciplayer tv icon from xbm is there a way of replacing i'm on keamu 3.55 and unable to obtain ps3 access any help greatly apreciated.

    i deleted all the file on ftp tried putting it back on but no avail (i did make a back up but its got deleted)

    thanks in advance.

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