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  1. #71
    barrybarryk Guest
    or reinstall your firmware??

  2. #72
    largewoodens Guest
    will i lose all the games and apps?

  3. #73
    barrybarryk Guest
    no nothing will be lost apart from any other "customising" you did to the xmb.

  4. #74
    Jes03 Guest
    how about just reinstalling PlayTV. (If you have playtv) that should put back the TV XMB.

  5. #75
    zeromx Guest
    I live in UK and here is that folder with BBC Iplayer, ITV and 4OD Enjoy.

    Files are attached to this post.

  6. #76
    Xalies Guest
    most of the tv sites restrict access by ip, so having them in is kinda of useless imo.

  7. #77
    zeromx Guest
    The user (largewoodens) that requested them is from UK and so am i. So it should work

  8. #78
    DaedalusMinion Guest
    ^ Jes03

    I have a PS3 which I bought in Dubai. Would installing PLAYtv bring the TV icon in my XMB?

  9. #79
    rockmetal Guest
    the executable file doesn't work on windows 7. Help..

  10. #80
    modmate Guest


    On version 2 i get some warnings like:
    PS3 CHANNELS CREATOR 2.0\ps3channelcreator2.exe
    TR/Crypt.CFI.Gen also called as Crypt.CFI.Gen is a generic trojan infection, part of the mailicous Crypt group. The TR/Crypt.CFI.Gen usually spread through corrupt music and movie download files or through dubious gambling content web sites.

    When infected, trojan Crypt will inject mischievous .exe and .dll files and inactivate security utilities by injecting itself into low level processes. The TR/Crypt.CFI.Gen is an extremely dangerous threat that may initiate critical damage to your computer!

    Don't know if that a big deal.. hmm

    Greets Modmate

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