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Thread: PS3 Channels Creator v1.0 Homebrew Application is Released

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    1nevermind Guest
    so, few <cntry> codes I've found:


    So, if you're from HU, <cntry>es</cntry> won't work for you, you must change to <cntry>hu</cntry>
    leave everything else untouched, and don't break the tags, this is way too touchy.

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    daveshooter Guest
    What 1nevermind said about not breaking the tags.. very importent.

    Of a matter of interest what are you using to edit?

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    Sostanco Guest
    Hmm i'll give a try! thank you..

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    severusx Guest
    I'd use notepad++. It can show you broken tags and stuff when you set the language you are using (i.e. XML).

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    daveshooter Guest
    I have been trying Altova XMLSpy, because in the back of my mind notepad didn't save out correctly, but I didn't know about the notepad++ version, I've not used it much, but thanks for the heads up.

    Note to other readers, use only an editor that saves out the XML correctly, something like what Severusx mentioned "Notepad++" or you can try out something like Altova XMLSpy 30 day trial.


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    barrybarryk Guest
    notepad++ is a good shout actually it's nothing to do with the notepad windows comes with. you should give it a try, it supports multiple languages and it'll highlight syntax errors and things llike that. oh and free too..

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    daveshooter Guest
    Ya I do remember it, but can't remember why I was using it, I don't know why i associated it with a windows notepad, other than in the name, but I will give it a try, thanks.

    Off topic Barry, just a quick one, did you get Linux running in the end, over the network? I have not had chance to look if anyone has it working, but knew you was trying it out, so I thought I'd ask you.

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    barrybarryk Guest
    actually no I think there's a problem with those kernel modules no matter how many times I tried dropping them they gave a corrupted index error and failed to load. so you get stuck with no networking and usb access so you can't control it. But it could just be a step missed in the guides, I don't have a lot of experience with gentoo or tftpboot.

    I got the debian one installed on an external and sd card though without the network. I have a fat 256MB nand one with a card reader so I had to use the 1.3 installer which crashed about 5 times on "scanning lv1" before eventually finishing.. but it does work.

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    DeViL303 Guest
    Another good solution is notepad2 , same idea, it detects the code type and will show any broken tags or errors in xml code.. also free.

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    daveshooter Guest
    Thanks for the reply Barry, One of my PS3's is the same as yours, anyway saves me thread wrecking, I'm going to jump over to this thread and ask you some more if thats OK Barry?

    Thanks Devil, for the attachment.

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