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    could this be used to install signed homebrew on 3.56 i wonder?

    it seems sony uses this method to download and install packages, example:

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    if we changed the links to one of our own servers with homebrew packages, if we resign the apps with 3.56 keys we could install them on 3.56 yeah?

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    The hard part is getting that on the ps3 with 3.56fw. But there is nothing wrong with trying to change setting here on a 3.55 ps3 , so the ps3 can look for updates were you wish. within the category_network.xml

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    Problem with that idea is that no way to mod any links on 3.56. I have used the folding at home link to redirect to a Home pkg a FTP server as it doesn't require user to be signed into PSN, it works well and i have downloaded the home pkg from FTP using their folding at home segment with just link modded, it installs and boots too. then fails.

    But i'm sure 3.55 homebrew would download using this method on 3.55 , fixed segments could be added for plenty of homebrew quite easily similar to home and folding at home, so if app doesn't exist it will automatically look for the pkg and then install it.

    I suppose if links were modded in the files from the pup first, you would only get one chance though as no way to downgrade back or repeat the procedure.plus you might end up with a brick if the ps3 checks any files.
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    i have uk console. and when i searched for the end folder 63431223453538546/ i didn't see it. so i made it. put the xml in there but nothings happening. what's wrong pls someone. ? i really want this.

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    sorry bud I'm a bit lost were did you see this 63431223453538546 to make you want to create the folder, I've not seen a folder called that before.

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    Assuming that I make backups of any XML files i want to edit, is there any risk of bricking or the system becoming inaccessible?

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    It's not just 63431223453538546, thats (I think) a unique hash. In my case, it ended with 666. Anyway, just find the folder, which contains xil.xml. In it, find tag <cntry>SOMETHING</cntry> and change it to your country.

    For example, if you're from Spain, and you see <cntry>kr</cntry>, it won't work for you and you have to change. The best way is to see which videos you have in your XMB, find it in XMB, and then change all the <cntry>SOMETHING</cntry> to, lets say, <cntry>es</cntry>

    Then you'll see all channels.

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    Quote Originally Posted by severusx View Post
    Assuming that I make backups of any XML files i want to edit, is there any risk of bricking or the system becoming inaccessible?
    I don't think so, but if you mess up and it dose not start, its only the drive thats mest up, and you may have to reformat your drive again, but there no chance of bricking because your not changing the flash/Bios settings.

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    Gotcha, I'll probably pop another small drive in it for testing and then go back to the main when i get it all ironed out.

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    Thats what I do bud, with the old 60gig that came out of it.


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