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    try getting the official ps3 3.55 update, use it then just re install kmeaw, and its back to normal, worked for me when i lost them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zeromx View Post
    I live in UK and here is that folder with BBC Iplayer, ITV and 4OD Enjoy.

    Files are attached to this post.
    Thanks, will give it a go and let you know.

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    zeromx i put the tv file with the content in the place you say. rebooted and still don't see TV icon..

    do i need to be logged in psn or anything?

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    i'm jumping on this topic because i've been desperate to also get these back.. is there no way you can create a pkg file to do all this just like when you install homebrew?

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    Quote Originally Posted by largewoodens View Post
    zeromx - you saved my ps3 tv on xmb!
    can i ask how you did it, i have kinda got the same problem?

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    Where is the download link for version 2? I cant find it!

    Also, what happen with the TV channels i already have there (Netflix, Hulu, etc...) ? Will they be removed/deleted?

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