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    Well I hope it works for you. And if it does would like to try a test to see if it realy works?

    The test is to go to download a game demo to your usb drive on your ps3. then lets see if it will install that game PKG from the usb. If it installs then the CFW will hopefully do the job for us as and when the Homebrew stuff comes along.

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    That's great please post your results and what firmware you are on now.

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    well, here it comes... I give it a week before everything get signed...

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    On a side note: You do realize that dean's MultiMAN doesn't use syscall with direct boot? Math already stated we could probably edit the paths for game backups on HDD and therefore enable playing our backups.

    Anyhow, it's still nice to see something mentioned about backups support being added. I'm staying on 3.41 until a better solution comes about.

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    My camera is dead so i can't post the video, but everything is working just as it did with Kakoroto's. I even installed the LittleBigPlanet2 demo and it installed perfectly.

    Let me get this straight. This CFW is the same as Kakoroto's as the homebrew needs signing but the only difference is that this one modifies the kernel allowing backups to be run when the pkg is signed?

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    Q. how many developers does it take to make a cfw/mfw that will play backups?

    A. none, because they aren't trying.

    seriously, wtf is up with all these useless cfw/mfw? if it is a wip that is fine, but don't go releasing it to the world as if it is some magical breakthrough.

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    can anyone test this on 3.55 and see if it loads? it should be a file manager..

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    Does this work? I want test this, beacuse I`m a newbie at this and i wont brick/screw my Ps3

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    When this is done will this load backups from the hdd or a disc?

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    What do these two options do?

    Title Store Preview (InGame)
    Title Preview Store (Store)

    Tested on OFW 3.55U:

    Installed fine, but the Title Preview debug options do not show up.

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