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    Senior Member gtxboyracer's Avatar
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    Even though its stated in the title - "BackUp Loader WIP" - the actual progress is exactly the same as the others.. there is only access to install packages.. no backup loader at all. It maybe on the planned list, but since there has been nothing at all done in its development - would you call that a WIP?

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    Even still, just by saying it's a WIP may calm many of the unsatisfied users. It's also good to see that someone is actually doing something to try and make it possible.

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    Yep, it all comes down to interpretation really... as long as these guys aren't openly claiming they are "anti-backups" like Geo/Math/Kaka do I'd say they can take as long as they wish to turn their WIP into something end-users can run backups on.

    Sadly there isn't much of an alternative at the moment, at least until another group publicly announces they are working on a PS3 backup loader.

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    It still won't install on 80gig bc. Must use the downgrade method.

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    keep it up, good start, too bad the developer has short free time

    sorry this is offtopic but doesen't want to make a news post of a rumor (it's kinda same category ^^ )

    anyone else heard the rumors that waninkoko is working on a CFW? and apperently for the moment it didn't go to well but work is being made, they also looked for tester on teknoconsolas.es ps3 scene forum, be aware i might have misunderstood i don't read spanish!

    Again sorry for kinda offtopic!

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    Would your cfw 3.15 still have otheros in it , also can one go back to the normal 3.15? same for 3.55?
    Last edited by mx3; 01-09-2011 at 07:06 AM

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    That would be nice news indeed if so, but I wonder which side waninkoko is on also... I think I read awhile back in the Wii scene he was anti-backups for awhile and then released something that allowed them. Maybe he switched sides?

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    Quote Originally Posted by EiKii View Post
    waninkoko is working on a CFW?
    now this would be awesome, I'll keep what I got , till all these projects progress.

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    Based on the lack of feedback for them thus far, I think that is what most people are doing honestly... sticking with BM's until CFW's (or direct loaders, no CFW needed at all) reach a point where they can run PS3 backups.

    Except for those who want to learn, it seems like a lot of hassle for average users to bother experimenting with them now knowing in advance that none support game backups yet.

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    i'm banging my head to the wall that i've finished my C learnings years ago


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