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Thread: PS3 CEX (Retail) to DEX (Debug) Conversion Method is Released!

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    haze67 Guest
    thx bro... i'm checking out that linux some more, i'm guessing it needs the SS patches for all stuff to work. re-installing that first, ubuntu+all ps3tools, dumping again to see if eid_root_key is identical just in case, wiki claims it needs them, metldrpwn gitbrew leads to "latest" CFW, both no ss patches, to get all ps3tools working it needs it right, and rebug aint taking the "" script, not supported firmware and some hv cal error.

    good to know if your on 355 and flah without hardware, linux aint that bad, it needs a lot of ur time lol

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    sguerrini97 Guest
    By the way i got a new "dump" with SS patched FW + Ubuntu manual install, here are the firsts three lines:
    93 D8 D0 88 74 46 C1 F2 00 17 00 2C 9F 8B 12 4A 
    5C CE 07 37 D7 6A E9 9F 7A E6 F3 EF 59 7D 0E 82 
    7D 62 3A 4D 5A C4 15 B6 A7 E5 AD 63 FF 7E E8 99
    These three lines are repeated at 0xC700, can you confirm? Thanks.

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    ConsoleDev Guest

    PS3 C2D CEX to DEX Flash Patcher, LibEEID EID0 Library Arrives

    Following up on the PS3 CEX (Retail) to DEX (Debug) Conversion Method from earlier this week, today PlayStation 3 developer andbey0nd has released an easy C2D CEX to DEX Flash Patcher conversion tool for Windows (currently only works with the 16mb NOR) alongside PS3 LibEEID (library related to EID0) source code below.

    Download: PS3 C2D CEX to DEX Flash Patcher (Windows) / LibEEID Source Code / GIT

    To quote: andbey0nd has released ( another tool to us this morning. c2d is a Cex 2 Dex Flash Patcher. Currently it only works with 16mb NOR. Slowly but surely the scene seems to be coming back to life. 1 hack at time... Thanks andbey0nd and keep up the awesome work!

    [andbey0nd] works for 16MB flash dumps (NOR) only
    [andbey0nd] also if for some reason a WRONG EID key is provided - the program will abort and will not generate invalid DEX flash.. so no chance for bricking
    [andbey0nd] if an output DEX flash file is created - it means that it is valid

    c2d.exe (win32 app)


    • c2d.exe eid_key_file.bin in_cex_flash.bin out_dex_flash.bin

    c:\c2d> c2d.exe eid_root_key.bin flashCEX.bin flashDEX.bin
    EID key : 48 bytes (eid_root_key.bin)
    Flash size : 16 MB (flashCEX.bin)
    Target ID : $85
    EID ROOT KEY: 64D20967DEACDA16ACADBE289B0EE2C25EE77331A5040C5DC9DF67B3FE574F6D
    EID ROOT IV : 6BD7C324D3B213A647DC31987345595E
    EID0 KEY : 9C1C4A93666EF67941F54679A7199D7553C8F0F50F3548C8966D6872FC8CD668
    EID0 IV : 2DC374E270F851EB0D524F89790F2563
    Target ID : $85 (from decrypted EID0 section)
    CMAC HASH : F1053CC3818DD6CE2775F0273DFC212E
    Writing modified flash (flashDEX.bin)... Done!

    From naehrwert: oh look what a little bird has brought us: libeeid crypto library <3 also if someone want's to get a set of cprm device keys, he should look at eid3_decrypt_buffer

    messing with eid4 on your box will destroy your bd-drive pairing, so I wouldn't do that.

    PS3 LibEEID Source Code

    A >>PS3D<< original: libeeid (C) 2011-2012

    If you can't deliver the complete stuff, you should just keep your mouth shut and not spread the EID0 algo out. This lib was meant to stay private because we didn't like the idea of every 1337 kiddo having a DEX console and annoying developers with questions about running pirated games on it. Now we decided to release it all into public although we won't provide any support or do any further work on it.

    A lot of dedication, knowledge and time has gone into reversing ALL of the SPU binaries to collect the informations in this library (that's the fun part). This is as far as you will get with firmware versions <= 3.56.

    Btw.: have fun reversing the SPU modules to find the required keys...

    Special thanks to the people there:

    How to W/R NOR from petitboot:
    READ NOR : dd if=/dev/ps3nflasha of=/tmp/petitboot/mnt/sda1/cexnor.bin bs=1024
    WRITE NOR: dd if=dexnor.bin of=/dev/ps3nflasha bs=1024
    READ eEID : dd if=/dev/ps3nflasha skip=$((0x2F000)) of=/tmp/petitboot/mnt/sda1/eid.bin bs=1 count=$((0x10000))
    WRITE eEID: dd if=eid.bin.dex of=/dev/ps3nflasha bs=1 seek=$((0x2F000)) count=$((0x10000))
    After getting the tip on howto build OMAC cex/dex hash with FileHash and passing me the "batch" files to AES EN/Decrypt, then you need to check/read it a couple time to fit the puzzle together.. i recommended if you perform this, do not to rely on the 1click tools at first, c2d works perfect and makes valid dexdump, you can use it to compare it with the one u did by hand, they MUST be identical, at least do it a couple times so you'll understand proccess.

    I used like this without providing eid0 as it's commented out in the script and not required, only "metldr" from original cexdump

    In terminal:
    cd into mtldrpwn folder
    type: make
    type: ./
    outputs correct root_key

    To be on the save side, pwn metldr couple times to see if you get matched ones, some are having weird "dump" or must reboot to get correct "dump" need to use either debian/ubuntu install or live disc linux2.6.39_rnd.ISO / or new prebuild petitboot image/or rc5 red ribbon a little modified.. options enough.

    From dlbogdan: I've dumped NOR (and eEID) from petitboot.. for linux n00bs. It doesn't work until you remount your usb drive as RW.
    # mount -n -o remount,rw /dev/sda1 /tmp/petitboot/mnt/sda1
    then you dump with:
    dd if=/dev/ps3nflasha of=/tmp/petitboot/mnt/sda1/cexnor.bin bs=1024
    dd if=/dev/ps3nflasha skip=$((0x2F000)) of=/tmp/petitboot/mnt/sda1/eid.bin bs=1 count=$((0x10000))
    as written above.

    From badhabit: I can confirm the cex2dex patcher method works.
    • used memdump to dump the Nor (thx an0n, you tha man !!)
    • HW Flasher output is exactly the same.. tried it
    • used Flowrebuilder to unpack the Nor Dump (btw. Flowrebuilder can also unpack 4.11 dumps where norunpack fails..)
    • had to recompile the metldrpwn as the compiled one from glevant didnt work for me ..
    • used petitboot and red ribbon for the root key
    • used cex2dex patcher (thx andbey0nd, acab, zadow) for dex.bin
    • flashed back via hw flasher / also tried petitboot works good aswell

    So now i am on 3.55 dex ; gonna try E3 cex/dex dualboot.. has anyone an idea if i need to patch the dex FW "no check" for downngraded consoles ?? kudos to zecoxao and the others for helping all the people out !! that's the spirit dudes !!

    From butnut: I am on 3.74 debug and playing a backup of my FF XIII-2 from a sd card formatted as bd-emu. I can go into the casino and play the games and bet on chocobo's and what not. I used psdevs gui tools to unpack the 1.06 update and then when I was still on 3.55 debug I used multiman to transfer the update to my dev/hdd0/game. then I went into recovery mode and chose rebuild database, when the system rebooted I updated to 3.74. None of my homebrew works now but I can downgrade later.

    Oh yeah here is how to get those keys you want... Major thanks to everybody who helped me, without you I would still be sitting here with my thumb up my butt.
    • Dump your flash name it cexnor.bin
    • Use flow rebuilder to get metldr file
    • Use XMB EIDX Dumper to get EID0
    • Install petitboot and red ribbon rc5

    Note: Do not type any words with quotes around them.

    Open a terminal and type:
    apt-get update
    apt-get install make
    apt-get install wget
    apt-get install gcc
    apt-get install libncurses5-dev
    when that is done type:
    After it has downloaded type:
    tar xvfz linux-2.6.tar.gz
    and then type:
    rm -rf linux-2.6.tar.gz
    ln -s /usr/src/linux-2.6 /lib/modules/2.6.38-powerpc64-otheros/build
    cd linux-2.6
    cp ps3_linux_config .config
    make menuconfig
    "Just press exit, when you will see the grey and blue menu."
    make install
    make modules_install
    "open a file manager and go to /etc/ and copy the kboot.config to a usb drive"

    "open the kboot with a text editor and add as the last line"
    test=/boot/vmlinux root=/dev/ps3dd1
    "save the kboot and put it back where you found it"

    "go to /boot/ and rename vmlinux-2.6.39 to vmlinux"

    "restart ps3 into petitboot and boot test=/boot/vmlinux root=/dev/ps3dd1"

    "open a terminal and type"
    cd metldrpwn && make
    "open the file manager and transfer your metldr file to metldrpwn"

    "I think you should put the EID0 file in there too, but some people say it is not needed."

    "go back to terminal window and type"
    chmod 755
    cp /proc/metldrpwn/dump /home/dump
    "open a file manager and transfer the file called dump to usb"

    "move it to your pc and use a hex editor to copy the first three lines(48 bytes) to a new hex file. Save this file as key.bin "

    "install c2d"

    "put key.bin and cexnor.bin in the same folder as c2d.exe"

    "open a command prompt and type"
    cd c:\c2d
    c2d.exe key.bin cexnor.bin dexnor.bin
    "If you did every thing right you will see a message saying done"

    "if this message gives you an error then you must reboot your ps3"

    "and try again from "
    "if you did not get an error then flash dexnor.bin to your ps3 and install 3.55 debug from the xmb"

    From JLM (via

    You don't need to fiddle with kboot.

    The red ribbon 5 headers are here (7.03mb):

    1. unpack it in a subdirectory of your home directory: /home/username/headers

    2. Create a link to it in the appropriate lib/modules directory
    link command syntax: ln -s target linkname
    (-s means it's a symbolic link/shortcut)

    for mine it is:


    open a terminal (as root) in that folder and create the link:

    ln -s /home/username/headers/usr/src/linux-headers-2.6.38-powerpc64-otheros /lib/modules/2.6.38-powerpc64-otheros/build

    that command will create a symlink (shortcut) to the header files/module.symvers, the link will be called build. If you already have a build link (in /lib/modules/directory with kernel name/) then you prolly don't need those header files or to create the link.

    3. Compile the exploit(not as root):

    cd metldr838exploit && make

    Depending on your compiler settings you may get these two warnings(it's ok): warning label 'bad5' defined but not used or warning '/*' within comment.

    4. Copy the other files you will need for running the exploit to the exploit directory:

    For example, someone on rebug 3.41.3 other os with ss patches:
    metldr (extracted from a flash dump of the nor, use yours)

    from ofw 3.41v2 (using fail tools or ps3tools gui):
    isoldr, spp-verifier.self, defaut.spp
    (You may want to rename the metldr file that is already in the exploit directory so it won't be overwritten.)

    5. run the exploit at the commandline:

    sudo ./

    It will ask for your password (the one for your username, not the root password). Using sudo will give you the elevated privileges necessary to run the exploit, ./ insures the script in your directory will be the command that the shell runs (if it doesn't execute, then you might need to set the permission with: chmod u+x

    A bunch of messages scroll by, then copy the output file (dump) to your home directory:

    cp /proc/metldrpwn/dump /home/username/ (there is a space between /dump and /home/username/) Since you just used sudo, you shouldn't have any problem with permissions. If you do, use sudo cp.

    Note: If petitboot stalls going down (to load linux), unplug your usb items. Please no controller plugged into usb port. Most keyboards are ok plugged in, some aren't. Linux doesn't need the keyboard plugged in to boot. It's okay to unplug it after making your boot selection in petitboot. I select otheros. Plug it back in after linux boots. No you don't need to be on 3.50. This is not a tutorial! I don't know how to do the conversion to dex, just the linux step.

    Finally, HERE is a brief guide by Sony PlayStation 3 hacker evilsperm which uses the PS3Tools GUI Edition v2.6 with PS3 CEX to DEX support, HERE is a Pawnmetldr Using Red Ribbon guide by technodon and HERE is another PS3 DEX (Test - Debug) Conversion Method Step by Step tutorial from ing_pereira for those interested.

    Also below is a related guide (via by bleh as follows:

    Part-1 Installing Petitboot
    • Prepared files you might/will need:
    • Extract the files and copy them into root of your USB drive. I did not include metldr but you can get it here: (
    • Every *pkg should beep if not repeat - only reboot.pkg will not beep.

    1. Install CFW OTHEROS++ from here: (I picked eight size)
    2. When installation is finished, reboot into Recovery Mode and choose "Restore PS3 System"
    3. Run setup_flash_for_otheros.pkg
    4. Reboot your PS3 (Manual reboot)
    5. Store dtbImage.ps3.bin on USB drive, plug it in and run install_otheros.pkg
    6. Run boot_otheros.pkg
    7. Run reboot.pkg (use the package, not manual reboot!)
    8. You should be in petitboot now.
    9. Exit to shell
    10. cd /tmp/petitboot/mnt/sda1/
    11. Reboot your PS3 and run reboot.pkg again.

    If you have any problems with any steps above contact me.

    Part-2 Installing Debian (Auto) requires INTERNET CONNECTION.

    1. boot into petitboot
    2. exit to shell
    3. cd /tmp/petitboot/mnt/sda1/
    4. select no at partition the installer will do it for you.
    6. once install is done boot into petitboot and select the first option.
    7. tasksel install standard

    If you have any problems with any steps above contact me.

    Part-3 metldrpwn

    1. dump your nor in GameOS using this tool: (use memdump_0.01-FINAL.gnpdrm.pkg)
    2. now you will need to unpack your nor, use norunpack
    3. open your unpacked nor folder, copy the "metldr" from "asecure_loader" folder into "metldrpwn" folder.
    4. copy "metldrpwn" folder to /home/yourusername
    5. start terminal
    6 cd metldrpwn
    sudo ./
    cp /proc/metldrpwn/dump /home/yourusername/

    7. open "dump" in hex editor
    8. copy the bytes 0x00-0x0f
    9. use your hex editors search function and paste the bytes (0x00-0x0f)
    10. your keys will be at 0x0000C7xx (i had different offset in 2 dumps, so use search)
    11. copy your keys into a new file and save as eid_root_key.bin & rename your nor dump to "CEXFLASH.bin"
    12. open "PS3Tools v2.6" run cex to dex (it will error if the keys are wrong.. so nothing to worry about)
    13. copy the DEXFLASH.bin to root of your USB drive.

    Part-4 write dexnor

    1. boot into petitboot

    2. cd /tmp/petitboot/mnt/sda1/
    dd if=DEXFLASH.bin of=/dev/ps3nflasha bs=1024

    Go into recovery mode and install dex fw. If you have any problems with any steps above contact me. Have fun with your DEX.. bleh

    Note: you have to use a different for nand, link: nand debian installer:

    [imglink=|PS3 C2D CEX to DEX Flash Patcher, LibEEID EID0 Library Arrives][/imglink]
    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    sguerrini97 Guest
    c2d.exe says that my nor dump is not valid (tested with dump from linux and from flasher).

    How to use the "libeeid"? Can I use that to do the job of metldrpwn? Thanks.

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    cfwprophet Guest
    Oh boy... i already posted on tweeter, just use memdump to get a full NAND dump with bootloader inside. Then go on with cex2dex. Patching the EID0 is the same like on NOR's (NOR EID0 = 0x2f070, NAND EID0 = 0x80870).

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    haze67 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by sguerrini97 View Post
    These three lines are repeated at 0xC700, can you confirm? Thanks.
    mine at 00C720 - 00C74F, verified its good using "c2d" cuse it completed fine, damn it took me longer.. lol
    weird why it isn't working for you(dump corrupt?), what commands are you using:

    this does it for me
    cd into metldrpwn
    type: make
    type: sudo ./
    produces correct eid0_root_key (No SS patches req)

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    sguerrini97 Guest
    My dump was right, maybe i was doing wrong ths steps.. Anyway c2d.exe was saying "invalid input flash" because my target id was 0x82 (in the non-crypted part of EID0), changed it back to 0x87 and c2d.exe works. I got a DEX now Thanks.

    Can we boot Linux from the DEX firmware?

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    tophead420 Guest
    I'm not really understanding this. Would this only be useful for devs or also the everyday user? Could someone please clarify ty.

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    elser1 Guest
    i've asked twice before with no response. would really be nice if someone can take 5 mins to explain what the advantages of this are. what it does that rebug cant for end user. what may it lead to by devs (the ones that share) etc

    please some one. help us out. LOL

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    pinoytechno Guest
    thanks again

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