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  1. #61
    rodq Guest
    Well, you're about 50% away from disappointment...

  2. #62
    Weezum Guest
    lol yea not lookin good have a few ps3's wouldnt mind a dex one for when i am actually more knowledge to put forth. takin up classes this year. i wanna learn this stuff bad i never had more fun with my ps3 then learning what im not suppose to do with it

  3. #63
    rodq Guest
    Yeah, like me, but except that i have 2 DEAD ps3's... I wonder why??!

  4. #64
    Weezum Guest
    me too lmao still got 4 more. found a couple people whos girlfriends threw there ps3's so i bought each one for 50 bones i love bitter ladies.

  5. #65
    rodq Guest
    Lucky you, eh?

  6. #66
    rodq Guest

    Roll Eyes

    PERL. Have fun!

  7. #67
    rikukh3 Guest
    I flashed my dex dump with JaiCraB Preloader 3.1 (Delete and restore all sectors method). It takes very long to write (about 1 hour), but result is perfect. I dumped it again after writing to compare - 100% match.

  8. #68
    elser1 Guest
    so once again i ask, what would be the advantages over this for someone like me over rebug ? and also what may come of this for experts? i just wish i had the confidence and skill to attempt it. would like to know so feel free to answer...

  9. #69
    1one Guest
    Flash it via Linux , only takes 8 minute

  10. #70
    sguerrini97 Guest
    How should my metldrpwn dump look?

    I got the "metldr" file from my nor dump with norunpack. I got a dump of 256,0Kb, during the dump (when the script type "cat /proc/metldrpwn/debug") it says "Problem status (0x0000089)", it's that normal? Thanks.

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