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  1. #601
    JeoWay Guest
    I would explain it, or just refer to here


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    DEXuser Guest
    Well when I try to change to Use eid5 : 89 CEX it works but then when I exit rebug toolbox and go back into it its set to No again and it always is set to no when I want to put it on eid5 PLZ respond if you know what the problem is.

  3. #603
    dyceast Guest
    Once you change it in Rebug Toolbox, its changed until you reset your ps3.

    No is just the default option when you open Rebug Toolbox.

  4. #604
    niwakun Guest
    make sure that eEID is in your usb00 device then redo it.

  5. #605
    Taufik Guest
    Backup original nor_dump you do not lose it, if you want to make changes from CEX to DEX, as this was the name for dex_FLASH.EID0.NORBIN.

    If you want to go back to the console original then you just repeat the name of your original nor_dump like this cex_FLASH.EID0.NORBIN and insert it into the root of your USB can do with rebug_tool_manager or OS on multiman.

    I am sure you can do it...

  6. #606
    Gunner54 Guest

    Unkn0wn DEX 4.41 CFW

    Unkn0wn 4.41 DEX CFW

    Thought this might be useful for some people. YES this can be installed on a CEX2DEX convert without a brick.

    Install over any existing DEX CFW with isoldr and spu_pkg_rvk_verifier patched. Otherwise install the 3.55 DEX Downgrade PUP and install from there.
    • lv1ldr ecdsa patched
    • lv2ldr ecdsa patched
    • isoldr ecdsa patched
    • appldr ecdsa patched
    • lv1 coreos hash patched
    • lv1 mmap patched
    • lv1 sysmgr integrity check patched
    • lv1 peek/poke
    • lv2 peek/poke
    • spu_pkg_rvk_verifier patched
    • nas_plugin patched
    • autodownload_plugin/download_plugin patched
    • 4.46 spoof + PSN
    • reActPSN patched

    MD5: 38A7BEEFE2FD7DCB63B29A134434338C
    Size: 188,452,615 Bytes


    Download: https://mega.co.nz/#!fJ4jHTzZ!PUh6LV...1bCIZCA3gN4lFA

    • added PS store (4.41.1)

    Download: PS3UPDAT_DEX_441.1_CFW.zip (179.5 MB)

    MD5: 272752DD7529DAFAD7B9AC430E909B8C
    Size: 188,452,615 Bytes

  7. #607
    spiretos35 Guest
    good job, also from Rancid-o (via ps3ita.it/cfw-ofw/cfw-ps3ita-4-41-dex-rev4/):

    Download: CFW PS3ITA 4.41 DEX rev4 (Password: camparisoda)
    MD5: d71a5b5ec3e786a2250da7fd87139d59

    CFW 4.41 DEX PS3ITA REV4
    • Removed ecdsa check from appldr, isoldr, lv1ldr and lv2ldr.
    • Patched lv1 to added support to lv1 peek, lv1 poke and remove syscon hash check.
    • Patched lv2 to added lv2 peek, lv2 poke, lv1 peek, lv1 poke and lv1 call.
    • Patched sys_init_osd to to allow execution of a self when the PS3 starts. Thanks to Miralatijera for this!
    • Added CORE ps3itald, this allow to change the console id or set it as retail when PS3 starts (You do NOT need to use Change IDPS All Region or similar to sign up on PSN).
    • Added Spoof 4.46.
    • Patched VSH to added ReactPSN support.
    • Patched nas_plugin to allow installation of PKG Retail.
    • Patched autodownload_plugin and download_plugin to allow installation of games update.
    • Patched UPL.xml to allow installation of CFW on PS3 with broken blu-ray drive and broken bluetooth board.
    • Added Playstation Store and Playstation Home icon.
    • The CFW can run every game with fw version set to 4.41 or lower (no sprx, self patching is necessary).
    • The CFW can be installed from the XMB over OFW 3.55 and each CFW DEX with spkg check patched.

    Use PS3ITA Manager 1.30 to change the console id..

    1) Run Ps3ita manager
    2) Press START to enter in "Global Options"
    3) Select "Network Tools"
    4) Select "Set new console id"
    5) Enter your console id and to the question "Do you want CORE (ps3itald.self) automatically set this console id when you boot PS3?" reply with YES

    Now the console id inserted is automatically set at boot of console (No need start PS3ITA Manager again)

  8. #608
    emerax Guest

    DEX-CEX Semi Brick

    Hi all..

    Bit of a dilemma, I semi bricked by converting DEX to CEX through multiman which I don't normally do, I'd normally run it through rebug toolbox and be sweet, anyway its semi bricked "5 beep thingo" and turns off.

    Now I have a minimus dongle and just wondering if anyone has used this device to fix their own semi brick, I'm just a bit lost as to what hex file I should use, loading it etc I have read up on and it looks pretty straight forward, another issue im having is that everyone, well most people are stating that in order to use these dongles I must be on 3.55?

    At the time of converting from DEX to CEX on was on 4.x REBUG, once I find correct hex, all I'll need to do is load lv2diag.self and rebugs 999 3.55.4 downgrader right? Anyone information would be appreciated!


  9. #609
    racer0018 Guest
    All the semi bricks I have seen had to fixed with a hardware flasher. Thanks.

  10. #610
    emerax Guest
    Oh see here: http://www.ps4news.com/forums/ps3-gu...de-124789.html

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