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    It all depends on you system if you have a retail system use cex. If you have a development systems use dex. Thanks.

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    Thanks for the explanation.

    I thought you can change a retail to DEV console. If possible is there any advantages?

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    Right now there isn't much point to it. I would keep your system the way it is.

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    thanx for the info

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    4.40 games on DEX - what are my options?


    I have a question regarding my PS3 CEX to DEX console.

    The console's Blu Ray drive died, so, many months ago, I converted to DEX. I believe I have xaxaxaaxa patched DEX FW (I'm sure I installed this). I converted from a CEX CFW as running games discless was a bit hit and miss. The DEX firmware has served me well, that is until games requiring 4.40 FW started to appear.

    Would I be correct in thinking that games patched to run on firmware < 4.40 would not run on DEX, as any update PKG for the game would (potentially) necessitate 4.40 FW? Of course this would only be the case for the very latest games.

    Is there any way I can run these new games on my console as it is now? Or should I try to convert back to CEX and keep my fingers crossed that discless compatibility is a bit better now? Or should I lay out 20 quid on a new Blu Ray drive (and then convert back to CEX anyway)? Or... something else?

    Thanks in advance

    Er... I meant MiralaTijera 4.30 patched DEX FW - no idea how I screwed that bit up!

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    Rebug Lite Edition (Install it)

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    thanks, you're the best

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    4.41 DEX CFW - Who wants to test?

    I've attempted to create a DEX 4.41 CFW, the main test is to make sure the lv1ldr patches are correct (preventing CEX2DEX brick). This DEX firmware has been spoofed to 4.46.


    Download :!GRN2EagL!fOl470...N46OyKwe_n8COQ
    MD5 : 26E740255A84407FC2F1E734E4C48FE6

    This is a zip containing all of the modified files :!WBEXzTLR!XRZaqx...EG9iAbcRWAPzIs

    If you test this firmware, please report back.

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    4.41 DEX for CEX2DEX Converts

    This is just a plain 4.41 DEX firmware with lv1ldr patched to prevent CEX2DEX bricks. Useful for anyone who just wants standard DEX.

    Download :!yIhGxLLT!W-DjQj...8HlYF2r__0pRHs

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    Confused Ps3 Dex to Cex

    Hello there I'm looking for a way to convert my ps3 back to Cex, my baby brother converted it to Dex with Reactpsn and deleted it now I'm stuck on Dex please help me I'm a Noob and I'm from S.A and here I don't know anyone who can help me. Thanks in advance

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