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    Aug 2007

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    I have seen a few ps3s with this problem and each time it comes back to having to hook up a progskeet and flashing the nor dump back using the progskeet powered by the USB. Post up your dump you used to write to the ps3 and I will check and see if it is good or not. Thanks

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    Confused error 80029CCA Install firmware dex

    My console (DEX) does not accept any firmware except Rogero. I want to install firmware 3.55 dex for downgrade XMB I am faced with the error 80029CCA.

    Check will do more than just fun recovery. I'm Grateful for your help

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    i'm not an expert but if is possible install the toogle_qa.pgk

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    Sr. Member Blade86's Avatar
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    Dec 2010

    Quote Originally Posted by amir 73 View Post
    My console (DEX) does not accept any firmware except Rogero. I want to install firmware 3.55 dex for downgrade XMB I am faced with the error 80029CCA.

    Check will do more than just fun recovery. I'm Grateful for your help
    check your debug settings and restore them to default & verify MD5 of your PUP.

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    Unhappy error 80029CCA Install firmware dex


    Dex is on my console and firmware 3.55 Rogero. Now I want to install any firmware gives error 80029CCA. The drive light stays bluray clear to me if no disc is inside it? I appreciate your help

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    how can i obtain the eid root key when im on 3.55dex? I currently only have the flash dump in dex form and a meltdr file.

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    No QA Flag Dex->Cex Conversion

    I've got a converted Dex PS3 Slim console (initial firmware 3.20 120gb) Now on 4.21 OFW DEX. I'm trying to revert the PS3 back to CEX after all the scene progress of DEX has stopped as everything is again about CEX now.

    I've tried to follow all the guides on the internet and they all make reference to having QA Flagged your console before the initial CEX->DEX conversion. Since I didn't do that, I'm wondering if this compromises my chances of reverting back from DEX->CEX. I'm worried because of the increased chance of brick that people report. As apparently, it's more dangerous converting back

    I'm not so clear on the matter and whether it's ok for me. In fact, what does QA Flagging have to do with this conversion process anyway?

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    Jr. Member PR0r's Avatar
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    Apr 2010

    You should be OK if you've got your original CEX dumps/files. If you brick converting back it won't be permanent and you can fully convert back. Do you have any USB device that you can get a psgroove payload on?

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    Newbie v1per's Avatar
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    Jan 2013

    HELP on cex to dex conversion

    Hello, i was wondering if someone could help on converting my rebug 3.55 cex to dex... Here's the prob.. I dumped my nandbin file and i got my eid_root_key.. i installed SSL and got the c4d.exe file... all worked but when i start up cmd and run it as admin, typed in c:\c2d> c2d.exe eid_root_key.bin flashCEX.bin flashDEX.bin 82...

    soo i was wonder originally it is named flashCEX.nandbin... do i switch it to just switch it to bin cuz when i type that the cmd msg appear file is in use... so am i missing here?? or is it the fact i'm doin it in windows 8.. if so can someone convert it for me or point me in the right direction cuz my ps3 JB bd rom is messed up and i would like to make the switch ..ty

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    PS3 is Bricked after botched DEX2CEX

    Something must of gone wrong, after I flashed my CEX NANDBIN I went to the XMB screen and turned it off. Then when I turn it on it does a quick few beeps and powers down. I can screw with it a little by jamming on the eject button but I doubt that helps. Also my USB stick will not light up at all.

    What should I do to fix this? I know there are multiple flasher dongle things is that my way out?



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