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Thread: PS3 CEX (Retail) to DEX (Debug) Conversion Method is Released!

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    shadowXtreme Guest
    well I am a Dex user, because my bd is broken, and I need sony's bdemu to run all games, I am just waiting the 4.25 dex CFW and I will be happy

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    G Sus Guest
    yup a dex 4.25cfw will always be more useful than a cex 4.25cfw but for most users right now who are only wanting to convert to DEX for the games may as well just wait on 3.55 cex untill a better 4.25cex cfw is available.

    same as most people who are already on dex 4.25. they are safer staying on dex and waiting for the dex 4.25cfw release. (dont convert to cex just to run the new 4.25cfw it isn't worth the risks stay on dex and wait.)

    but in the end its your own choice and anything you do to your consoles is at own risk, as any cfw or dex tutorial will tell you.

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    sxcevo Guest
    Being a DEX user, I am not bothered about the risks personally. I converted to DEX as soon as the information was released in July. I didn't wait for any NOOB friendly guides etc. But DEX will ALWAYS be more powerful than standard CEX. Funny when people flame DEX users though

    Why do people think Sony are patching DEX FW to stop us. Because with DEX features there is no need to wait and cry about there not being a patch for X game on X firmware. They just work on DEX! + All the features it offers

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    G Sus Guest
    yup loved my dex. bricked it going back to cex , but saved it with an e3 reader. then went back to dex again when all the dex hardrive tools came available. wouldn't revert it back to cex now. totally no need. the hardrive tools was the final piece for me.

    i only needed 10 slots anyway cos had another cex system for everything else. i was given a very good offer on them both yesterday so took it. now i'm in process of buying another 3.55 cex unit,

    its a shame i already formatted the ext hardrive , but i still got the originals so no problems.

    might even convert it to dex once the dex 4.25cfw with peek and poke is released lol

    new ps3 3.55 just arrived. its got a broken BDDrive but i've got a spare one taken from a same model so fingers crossed. i'm knackered if it dont work cos i formatted my ext. but it only cost 50 so its worth it anyway.

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    Strike Venom Guest
    It's because the EID5 IDPS, debug support flag/token & the FSELF Control Flag aren't changed.

    I wrote that shortly after the Cex2Dex Release, but no one recognized it:

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    TheKeltz Guest
    Ouch , but it's a good ouch. Progress

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    pr0p0sitionJOE Guest
    What did the commercial dex users expect, to glide free towards DEX update 5.00+. The moment DEX conversion method got public, it was over for developers on dex. This is the reason why they got so pissed when dex method released. DEX is not for playing. Just a waste of great tool gone.

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    G Sus Guest
    not necessarily gone, but all dex cfw would need to be worked on before use. technically the lv0 should allow devs to look at the new ofw before actually updating. it just means everything just got harder on dex, and hopefully the 4.30 update didnt knock too many consoles out.

    although i could be wrong, it happens often lol. but you have just made up my mind on what to do with this new console, i dont think il convert this one to dex, i think il just risk the 4.25rogero

    well 4.25 is going in, all looks good so far. wooooot lucky again, mission successful.

    i'd still probably convert to dex if a dex 4.25cfw suddenly became available lol

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    Portalcake Guest
    Modding the DEX firmware before flashing is simply the wrong way to do it. Assuming the EID5 mismatch is the real culprit, all it would take to fix it would be one (two?) more dd commands to insert the new IDPS etc into EID5.

    Come to think of it, the fact that only the first IDPS was checked is a bug, and shouldn't have worked without the second EID region being modified too. I guess it was a stroke of luck that it worked for the devs who came up with the Target ID modification.

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    G Sus Guest
    Maybe someone is working on a fix to put the EID5 mismatch right.

    Dex seems to be forgotten, i was hoping there would be a dex 4.21 CFW by now

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