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  1. #541
    ZerotakerZX Guest
    Bad news, but good to be warned. I think now that I shouldn't have convert anything

  2. #542
    elser1 Guest
    so sometimes being dumb does pay. lol

  3. #543
    Tidusnake666 Guest
    Here comes another flood of "Glad I didn't convert to DEX", "Too good I resisted temptation", "Burn in hell Dex owners", "I hope all of DEX users will get a brick", etc etc.

    Seriously, people, there's so much hatred towards DEX users, so please let this one be clear of it in this thread. Let's be on topic.


  4. #544
    StanSmith Guest
    I had a DEX console but it bricked when I installed the first DEX firmware (3.55 DEX) as I flashed it from XMB not recovery. Now for the worst of it, the installer who was installing the Progskeet killed the board.

    I'm hoping he replaces the whole console or at least the motherboard as its a 60GB he killed. I have a NAND backup all ready to restore back to CEX but as the chip is now missing a few legs its dead.

    Lets hope I can get another PS3 to test out all these new firmwares and hopefully the next one will be able to install the progskeet and live.

  5. #545
    Hernaner28 Guest
    I'm still proud that I never installed that piece of you know what. I'm safe and quiet playing Resident Evil 6 on my 3.55 Kmeaw, and soon I'll be playing Assassin's Creed III.

    BTW I do not wish anything bad to DEX users.. It's just a shame for them for not making the right choice, Why would we want dex users to have a bad ending? I mean, it's excelent that with this news you can be warned and do not brick it, PS3 costs a lot, and even more if it is with a CFW.

  6. #546
    Portalcake Guest
    So, what's with all the CEX users bashing DEX users?

    Both CEX and DEX are equally capable, with the exception of the latter being able to use the debugger and freely upgrade/downgrade (until now)

    IIRC when this whole CEX -> DEX conversion stuff came out a dev said that "the only way Sony's checking this is if they go to EID5, as instructions didn't account for changing that"

    In either case, CEX or DEX, it'd be handy to have a flasher. You're playing with custom firmware. Get one if you want to make sure playing around won't hurt.

    Finally, I think it'd just be a matter of time before newer DEXification instructions are posted, this time accounting for modifying EID5.

  7. #547
    G Sus Guest
    i've no idea why there is so much hatred towards dex users, they are same as all the other ps3 users just had the bravery and knowledge to risk going to dex. whether your on cex or dex don't really matter your a modified ps3 user and should be together like brothers.

    i'm sooooo glad i sold my ps3s cos chances are i'd have bricked my dex playing with this firmware. yes it would have been my own fault.

    same as all those who bricked on the 4.25cex cfw , its not rogeros fault. anything we do to our ps3s is our own responsibility. Aim your hatred towards Sony not each other.

    rant over .. lol

  8. #548
    deathriders Guest
    is for the all cex to dex ? like the first method is not released on public ?

  9. #549
    G Sus Guest
    pointless going to dex now, wait on 3.55 until stable 4.21 or 4.25 cfw comes available

  10. #550
    sxcevo Guest
    DEX is NEVER pointless. It has its benefits. Funny people trying to slate DEX users even though DEX will ALWAYS have more features than CEX. Not all features useful to the people who are slating DEX users never-the-less.

    As soon as peek and poke is added to DEX i don't see ANY reason to go back to CEX. With DEX at least i can upgrade and downgrade my firmware is a matter of minutes unlike CEX users. As soon as they're on 4.21/4.25 they can't downgrade WITHOUT a hardware flasher.

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