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    Transient Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by gsr325 View Post
    Hello, I am new to this, I recently have a e3 flashed ps3 slim with 3.55 firmware & I wanted to know of a step by step tutorial on how to install DEX 4.21 onto my system & I'm ready to play the newer games.
    Have a look here: http://www.ps4news.com/ps3-guides-tu...now-available/

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    G Sus Guest
    i followed this and managed to get my eur rocksmith to start, it then allows me to tune the guitar and take the first lesson.

    as soon as the game tries to actually go into first venue it freezes and locks up the ps3, only thing that can be done is turn it off.

    was wondering did you actually play it technodon, or just check to see if it started ? has anyone else managed to get it working ?

    oh and by the way well done technodon. much appreciated that you've gotten me this far.

    i was trying to rewrite the patch for the eur version of game, it installed perfect but when trying to run game it kept asking for the disc. i'm assuming it was because i couldn't rewrite the patches eboot maybe.

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    fodegozo Guest
    Great news !!!

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    BLChick Guest
    Hi guys I used the Yayes tutorial to get my PS3 from cfw 3.55 to dex 4.21 so I can play my original Borderlands 2.

    I'm on DEX 4.21 ofw on an old fat PS3. I've bought the original Borderlands 2 and I have a code to access DLC. I'd like to get access to the DLC (Mechromancer class DLC in particular) and also update the game (1.02) - I obviously get an error if I try to sign in to PSN within the game to access DLC or if I try to apply an update.

    Should I assume accessing DLC isn't possible unless I download it from a torrent? Or until someone manages to get onto PSN using 4.21 DEX? I figure downloading to 3.55 DEX and using PSoN DEX would be a waste of time since Borderlands 2 can only run on 4.21?


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    Portalcake Guest
    In that case, use the old FckPSN DNS trick (remember to set Environment=NP). PSoNDEX is just for convenience

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    boxbundy Guest
    can bluray/dvd playback be restored to a dex converted console? remarrying??

    I know you lose it when you convert but can you get it back afterwards other than by converting back to cex?

    If anyone can help that'd be appreciated.

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    G Sus Guest
    technically no, since when converting to dex it changes your region id to 82 or 84, (cant remember which one)

    neither of those are region codes for a country so bluray dont work.

    dex firmware has no bluray keys etc. either some smart person may be able to find a way to get showtime to play them but its unlikely.

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    flaviud Guest
    but if go back from dex to cex? this would give you acces to play blu-ray?

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    G Sus Guest
    yes it does, but be careful reverting back to cex, this is where most bricks happen, its only a semi brick (5 bleeps of death) and can be undone with an e3 card reader, but a brick is a brick, even when its half a brick.

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    BLChick Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Portalcake View Post
    In that case, use the old FckPSN DNS trick (remember to set Environment=NP). PSoNDEX is just for convenience
    That easy?? Thanks!! I searched everywhere for an answer lol, I'll give it a shot. Thanks again

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