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    Hello, I am new to this, I recently have a e3 flashed ps3 slim with 3.55 firmware & I wanted to know of a step by step tutorial on how to install DEX 4.21 onto my system & I'm ready to play the newer games.

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    Oh how nice is this?? So this temporarily spoofes your 0x82 to 0x84 until reboot, amazing Great Job!

    1 Question:

    Might it be possible to have the 3 spoof-settings externalized?
    • PS3-FW
    • Target-ID

    So we could change these values?


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    I'm still learning how to do all this.

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    Can someone explain to me a difference betwen cex and dex, and is therre any danger converting to dex. tnx

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    Cex is a standard retail unit as sold in all shops, Dex is a developers console. the process of converting dex to cex isnt really very risky, but it isnt very simple either. however, the process of reverting Dex back to Cex is very Risky and many many Bricks have been reported.

    Before converting to dex ask yourself is it all really worth the hassle just to get a few games working. if the answer for you is yes then also take into consideration, you will no longer be able to play bluray movies, is it still worth it ?

    if its still yes then carry on, but whichever tutorial you follow stick to it word for word, and make sure you keep backup copies of everything the tutorial tells you.

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    1) every normal retail console is a cex console
    2) you can use cfw 3.55 on cex (kmeaw or rebug for example)
    3) you can play games on it which are fixed for 3.55cfw
    4) no hdd limitations
    5) to play latest games you have to wait for fix


    1) a ps3 console used for testing purposes is called dex aka debug machine.
    2) dex console can play all newer games(they need a game update .pkg)
    3) their are hdd limitations.(you need a external hdd for dex use only)

    the method of converting cex to dex is complicated. There are chances of semi-brick sometimes. If you have courage try cex to dex tutorial made by yayes. Personally i did not convert to dex. It is up to you now. good luck.

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    if you do go to dex, i highly reccomend you staying on it and not trying to revert to cex, i reverted to cex and semi bricked,

    Luckily i managed to find tutorial using e3 to fix the 5 bleeps death.

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    Ok, Tnx guys for your reply, you helped me a lot..

    I'm decided to stay with cex, will wait for pes 2013 fix, tnx for help once more

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    found a way to play the european vesion of rocksmith on dex BLES01216 doesn't have any game update data but simply edit the sfo and change the game id to the us version which has a patch here:

    i included a modded .sfo in the link above replace the .sfo and burn with ps3gen as normal, might also work for other games too

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    Can someone help me with my question please, because I'm completely new to this?

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