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  1. #41
    pinoytechno Guest
    more info?

  2. #42
    elser1 Guest
    wish i wasn't so old and dumb. i'd love to be able to do this.

    oh well back to psn i guess. LOL

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    Weezum Guest
    i wanna do this so bad. I've dumped everythng using memdump. played around with flow rebuilder a little got some files for from the nor now i'm jus lost with reading the bins can't find EID0 Key Seed and EID0 Section Key Seed. wish some one would walk me thru this imma be up all night trying to figure this out. don't want a program to do it for me would love to get hands on with this...

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    Abkarino Guest
    You must install Linux on your PS3 and use MetldrPWN exploit to dump your EID Root key then use this EID0 key seed and section key seed to generate a full EID key set for encryption/decryption process.

  5. #45
    sguerrini97 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by haze67 View Post
    verified.. it's correct eid_root_key .. thx to you know who you are

    now the other part... any hints on this part guys... thx

    is aespipe used for AES encrypt? the original guide is kinda alien like, i bet they do with a blink of an eye...., any help on the command to put in terminal like:

    use AES Encrypt to Encrypt EID0 Key Seed as data with EID Root Key as Key and EID Root IV as IV

    aespipe -e/ aes256 eid_section_key_seed as data? bin file? -? eid_root_key-o root_iv key
    something like that right
    Look here. http://www.ps4news.com/forums/ps3-ha...tml#post420588

    You need OpenSSL.

  6. #46
    haze67 Guest
    must have overlooked that part... thx again guys i have to take the offer though.. cheers rikukh3 in advance!

    anyway, testing myself this encrypt part using openssl/cygwin

    first i saved EIID_key_seed as a txt file - EID0_Key_Seed.txt with Notepad++

    [Register or Login to view code]

    saved eid0_section_key_seed the same way - EID0IV.txt

    [Register or Login to view code]

    cp this command into openssl:

    [Register or Login to view code]

    errors out with this:

    [Register or Login to view code]

    any pointer on the key's, should one pass them tru hex2key2bin or something to read properly?


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    elser1 Guest
    so if i actually did this to my console, what exactly would be the benefits. more than say rebug?

  8. #48
    sguerrini97 Guest
    I will try with hexkey2bin soon, you can try to remove "space" and put the entire HEX code on one line, like this:

    EID0 Key Seed

    [Register or Login to view code]

    Sorry for my english.

    Here there are EID0 Section Key Seed and EID0 Key Seed converted with hexkey2bin if you need: http://www.mediafire.com/?ck79h4nozh0eb58

  9. #49
    Weezum Guest
    can this be done with mem dump?

  10. #50
    haze67 Guest

    Thumbs Up

    need to let the info sink a little, thx both of you for the help, i'm seeing all files are in my dexmod thx again bro! ...using these as an example to fully understand the process, and yes it's the way the keys are used in openssl to work correct, i'm doing it wrong

    the hex2key2bin converted eid_key_seed/eid_section_key_seed ..those files are identical tho if you c/p those from mainpost into HxD-new file and save as bin, it's the same, i'm guessing if one do this all PS3-linux then this hex2key2bin is used?!

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