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Thread: PS3 CEX (Retail) to DEX (Debug) Conversion Method is Released!

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    kaiser7044 Guest
    thanks man will try it later.

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    Foo Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by atko View Post
    I did the CEX to DEX without proper do my research and then i tried going back to CEX and now ive bricked my machine, turn on 5 quick beeps and then off again. I dont have any dongles to get out of this so im wondering if there is a way of doin it without the dongle?
    You can use a PSP with PSPJig on it.

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    KaInEvIL Guest
    Now that i got ahold of a cheap old 3.55 console, i finally tried dex and... Well, i was highly annoyed by the long process of switching and then making a BDEMU image every single time.

    Other things to keep in mind for those that think dex is almighty, is that you also need to get an external HD which doesn't have a stupid sleep mode (Good luck with the current crisis) or your games will keep taking you back straight to the XMB. Multiman also has random crashes, and there is a lot of restriction in HD access too. So yeah, it sucks. Forcing you to use an external HD to run backups is not an improvement to me.

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    elser1 Guest
    thanks for your input mate. i am still deciding whether or not to do this myself. i already have my games on external, don't know if it has stupid sleep mode, so that doesn't bother me. i'm not really confident in doing the proccess as i don't really understand it that well and i don't have a flasher.did you find a good guide somewhere. i need the cex to dex for dummies. LOL

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    KaInEvIL Guest
    I did it on a 3.55 NOR Console, the first launch slim models. I would highly advise not doing it if you have one of the new models because they don't sell E3 flashers around the corner, at least not in my country. There is also another method of running old backups by using LAN, but it really is a pain in the ass, and you still need an external USB HD with the old BDEMU image method to run the NEW GAMES. I just don't see how a DEV can find all that hassle convenient, when common users just want to transfer and play. Really people, if you're not a dev or love the bother, you're not losing much, stay on CEX.

    And yeah, i knew the problem had to do with the Hard drive's standby mode because i waited in-game for a few minutes so it could go into *standby mode*, and then tried to continue my game only to be welcomed with a random exit to the XMB. It goes into sleep mode after 3 or 5 minutes of IDLE, it messed up everything. It's a freaking toshiba. I knew they where crap lol, but i only bought it for testing, so i'm returning it first things monday.

    BTW elser1, what brand is your external HD, is it AC powered or USB powered?

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    Blade86 Guest
    Hey, I did it without a hardware flasher on a NAND, oO, & successed

    If you also got a phat-lady (NAND) then ask me. (You need to use prel. adv.)

    There are more methods...
    • Game-Mounter (for all games)
    • modify eboot (for <=3.55 games) & replace dev_bdvd with app_home & sign for debug
    • switching between 3.55CFW-DEX (to do everything like on rebug) & 4.21OFW-DEX (for newer games) within minutes on DEX without hardware-flasher...

    If you dont have a big movie-collection on BD/DVD, then its TOTALLY worth it (in my opinion)


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    elser1 Guest
    nah i've only got a slim now. thanks though!

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    Blade86 Guest
    plz be careful

    CEX->DEX np
    DEX->CEX risky!!

    But i read that NOR-converting is less complicated. Just not only read 1 tut... I did it with 3 different tuts (because some steps were not detailed enough for ME)

    I wish you all the best mate!

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    forum2k Guest

    CEX -> DEX - Why ?

    hi there, why should i change my old ps3 60 GB from cfw 3.55 to dex ?

    is there any risk ? can i play ALL new Games on a DEX Machine ?

    I don't wanna brick my good old running ps3, cause in germany there are no users which can unbrick consoles for less money...

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    JOshISPoser Guest
    there's risk, but minimal and it seems the bigger risk is going back to cex cause you can only apply a certain firmware.

    with dex, you can play *almost* every new game. when a game gets an update, you patch it and make it dex, then it's playable.

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