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Thread: PS3 CEX (Retail) to DEX (Debug) Conversion Method is Released!

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    JOshISPoser Guest
    no... fidjo, have you read anything?

    i've been wanting sorcery. it probably works, but i just don't want to switch to dex.

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    fidjo Guest
    yes but english is too hard for me for understand all of post here sorry

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    JOshISPoser Guest
    you need 3.55 to make your console dex or else it would be a major breakthrough and we'd probably be on ofw 5.3 by now with all the patches.

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    georgyyy Guest


    thanks very helpful!

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    Blade86 Guest
    Hey I know, it is a bit late, but I want to share this:

    I switched alot between different DEX OFWs & MFWs... I can only tell you:

    DO NOT USE itsKAMEL 3.55 DEX-MFW - Just use RogeroV2-DEX... (Exeedy's one is also ok i think)

    I successfully converted my PHAT 256MB-NAND without a hardware flasher. I enjoyed a lot of games & dex-feautures.

    But then (when playing Portal 2 SINGLE-PLAYER after completed the coop): PS3 shutted down itself oO I try to switch it on: 1 sec on green, 1 blink yellow, blinking red-light loop, YLOD!! WTF?

    No possibility to go into Factory service mode (tried via at90usb162-old-teensy-dongle)

    Then I "reflowed" my PS3 on my own without prior knowledge - SUCCESSFULLY

    Rented a heat-gun from a friend, disassembled the PS3, clean off the chips (put all the "gel" away) heated the 4 areas of the mainboard with 350C 15sec per area, 15min waiting, turn the mainboard around, then same.

    procedure: 4 areas, 15sec per area, with 350C, 15 minutes waiting. Then putting new "gel" (thermal heatsink paste) on the Chips for the Cooling-system. Reassemble the PS3 - profit.

    Then after playing around for 10min it YLOD again.. OHH NOOO -.- After doing the whole reflowing procedure again -.- i switched to RogeroV2

    Since that switch, no more YLOD & happily playing MW3 online

    AT PS3NEWS: I can confirm that this method REALLY repaired my YLOD. (till today) Perhaps I should put the tutorial in another thread?

    AT ALL: I'm sorry for my very bad english, but I hope you understand the mini-TUT. if not, PLZ ask me


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    elser1 Guest
    that way of "fixing" the ps3 is only temporary. the only way to truly fix it is replace the solder with leaded solder.. or so the experts say. you may get ages out of it repaired your way anyways. and well done for doing it yourself blade!

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    Blade86 Guest
    Thank you soo much I hope ages

    If im on 3.55-DEX-MFW can I use the lv2loader? If yes, then what if I load the 4.20 lv2_kernel.self of DEX ? Could I load a 4.20 game with DEX patch?

    Or am I just tired & should get a rest? I mean with DEX-Patch & USB-BD-EMU not peek&poke...

    Ofc i can just switch between FWs on DEX within minutes, but this method would be a lot faster.


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    hobotheclown Guest

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    I have no idea what you did even after reading your mini TuT but . I haven't converted to DEX yet but am looking to since there is a game I bought but can't play it on 3.55 CEX (Rocksmith 3.70). I'll be going with your Dex recommendation. Thanks again.

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    technodon Guest
    if you are on 3.55 and you try to load a 4.20 kernel with lv2_loader the console will just turn off because it is signed using the 4.20 key, i decrypted 3.60 lv2_kernel and signed it with 3.55 key then loaded it but it just caused problems, no homebrew would work. etc

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    fantopoulos Guest
    hi is there anywhere i looked all over and i cant find a tutorial to convert from cfw kmeaw to dex 4.11 or higher, do i need to put it to ofw 4.11 first then the 4.11 dex if anyone can help with a tutorial i would be so grateful, i do not ask for to much, but having troubles huge ones with this folks thank you tony ps3news rocks

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