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    Blade86 Guest
    Hey could someone plz explain: I'm on DEX4.11 with 256MB NAND, everything is fine till now. I thought i can downgrade anytime via XMB to another DEX... So switching between DEX3.55 (peek&poke) and DEX4.xx OFW would be no problem. So why you need the downgrader PUP?

    Quote Originally Posted by Tepoo View Post
    I am not profession with linux, but it was pretty easy to change from cex to dex.

    i hope more people will stop using dongles and change to dex firmwares, that the community around it can start to work on nice tools like multiman for 4.20, bigger gamehdd (4 games sucks, i want 100 )
    What about full-game-pkg or fake-updates or psn-discboot-games... I read a lot about that, but I first wanted a save way for switching between DEX 3.55 & 4.20 perhaps via debug-updates in hdd0/updater, because I have got no Linux anymore on 4.11 (at least not able to boot into petitboot)

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    arktos Guest
    i found out to do a workaround for dead nation full us npua80358 on dex for full game. the rap activation alone does not work and it is still marked as demo.

    just copy the reg.edat from usrdir to exdata folder for react on usb and name it to "UP9000-NPUA80358_00-DEADNATFULL00001.edat" and reactivate with react. i am using the vsh debug patches for react and this works great.

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    Portalcake Guest
    The downgrader PUP is official and made by Sony to do some special stuff because of security-related stuff post-3.55 (everyone should be familiar with Sony's panic and 3.56)

    Once you downgrade to 3.55.001d, you can simply reinstall your regular patched DEX firmware.

    After you run norunpack on the dump, open the eEID and metldr with a hex editor and verify it isn't full of zeroes.

    That's certainly interesting. It seems to load SELF/SPRXes into memory and proceed to dump them. IIRC a member here on PS3News suggested that taking memory dumps of DEX machines running games to get to the EBOOTs, but I'm not sure how viable that is (pretty sure they're kept encrypted in memory and decrypted only before execution)

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    Blade86 Guest
    Hey Portalcake I can switch between DEX 3.55 4.11 4.20 without any problems via Internal Disc-Updates [ dev_hdd0/updater/01/... ]

    I sadly get a lot of Blackscreens while trying 2 load backups via multiman on 3.55 dex itsKamel & exeedy... PSN-games works flawlessly and even the full-game-pkg by duplex can run fine, but not the self-ripped game... Only a few games I successfully managed to pack into xmb-pkgs via ebootfix.

    We can make a debug-update-pkg to make games run on 4.xx via bd-emu-usb... Why cant we change the gametype into "Harddisc game" to make a PSN-STYLE game like "geohot times"?


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    Portalcake Guest
    We don't have the keys to decrypt games higher than 4.20 and strip off the capability flag that says "Run only from authenticated BD".

    All we have for now is OFW 4.20DEX with the ability to play master-disc games off a master-disc.

    If we somehow got peek and poke and all the fancy stuff on 4.20 though, we'd be able to get around the entire issue by mounting the game folder to a supposedly "authenticated" real BD game in the drive (/dev_bdvd), as has always been done.

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    dedeca Guest
    hi i'm new in this world of cfw , you need e3 flasher to do this? 3.55,4.xx, 4.xx?? and sorry my bad eng...

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    Portalcake Guest
    You need to be on 3.55 with peek and poke patches to switch between CEX and DEX.

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    Tepoo Guest

    ps3 Dex4.20 online gaming?

    Is it possible to play with a Dex Console online?

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    Portalcake Guest
    By changing your Target ID, you have invalidated your IDPS. So unless someone makes a "PS3 Proxy Spoof"-like thing where you have your IDPS changed mid-way with your old CEX one, you're not getting on PSN.

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    GotNoUsername Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by dedeca View Post
    hi i'm new in this world of cfw , you need e3 flasher to do this? 3.55,4.xx, 4.xx?? and sorry my bad eng...
    Your PS3 must be 3.55 or below if not you need a flasher to downgarde

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