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  1. #391
    sardine fish Guest
    why? you have a dongle so you don't want to convert it?

  2. #392
    TATOUINE Guest
    It seems a bit hard to do such a thing (CEX to DEX) for rookie

  3. #393
    crckmc Guest
    can i install dex without working bluray?

  4. #394
    arktos Guest
    is it just me, or does payed psn content not work with dex firmware? i have tried to run dead nation us or puzzle quest, both activated with rap, and i get a 80010017 error (cannot decrypt?)

    edit: found workaround. if i decrypt the game with given tools and make a discboot game and mount with backup manager i can play it without problems, but only if the psn pkg is installed, too

  5. #395
    evildevil Guest
    ok guys I got this output from the precompiled metldrpwn:

    [Register or Login to view code]

    I got a 256KB dump and the app CEX2DEX by gunner54 say that I created successfully my DEX flash. I made 2 dump of my actual flash with 2 different programs (dump_flash.pkg and memdump) and I got the same output.

    how can I know if the metldrpwn dump is ok and I'm not going to brick?!?


  6. #396
    NxxS Guest
    hello everybody, I have PS3 and 4.21 in kiosk without nand. I can do or not?

    sorry for my english

  7. #397
    evildevil Guest
    ok guys! here you are another happy DEX user ^_^

  8. #398
    sardine fish Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by TATOUINE View Post
    It seems a bit hard to do such a thing (CEX to DEX) for rookie
    Thanks for your advice. But like to try it out with a good guide if any.

    Quote Originally Posted by evildevil View Post
    ok guys! here you are another happy DEX user ^_^

  9. #399
    Tepoo Guest
    I am not profession with linux, but it was pretty easy to change from cex to dex.

    i hope more people will stop using dongles and change to dex firmwares, that the community around it can start to work on nice tools like multiman for 4.20, bigger gamehdd (4 games sucks, i want 100 )

  10. #400
    ironhide666 Guest
    can something like this be done in dex 4.2 to decrypt eboots and get them to 3.55 without the cex->dex mess and the lose of bd-drive?

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