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    Jun 2009
    we just need a multiman that allows scanning of updates that is above 3.55 and built-in ps3gen tool so transferring the game on BDEMU formatted disc will be easier than ever.

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    Sep 2010
    really appreciated, can you send me the file?

    thanks a lot

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    I already sent to you

    Any questions, send me a private message.

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    Mar 2010
    If anyone knows, please tell me, what is so special in the update packages? Why can't we make pseudo update packages by ourselves?

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    Hi guys, I'm a newbie here trying to hack my console and i have to try it so may time that i can't even get to the first step of installing the otheros++ my console model is cech2006A. Can this model be change to dex?

    Because my console keep telling me that my usb have no data when i try system update. Can anyone help please as my usb is fat32. Thank you!

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    You must enter in the recovery menu and update from here AFAIK every ps3 w/ CFW w/ peek & poke can be converted with this process

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    Hi devil, thanks for your quick reply and the only one. Yes i update it using the recovery method by holding the off/on button for 8 second. What does AFAIK mean? Thanks hope you can help me through and i promise you i will help you when you need me.

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    As far as I know.

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    Thanks kanketsu, by the way did you success in C2D?

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    Nope - haven't try it yet

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