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  1. #361
    Brenza Guest
    Is there an easy way to write only eEID instead the whole flash instead the whole flash? I read it is dangerous!

    On NORs i know it can be done via petitboot with

    [Register or Login to view code]

    but does it work on NANDs??

  2. #362
    evildevil Guest
    let's make the point. like anyone else I'm curious to know the DEX-FW's flash success percentage... I wish to make a poll: how many flash/brick we had 'till now? if bricked can you explain why?

  3. #363
    niwakun Guest
    as of now 50/50

  4. #364
    Blade86 Guest
    If you follow the tuts here word by word, you should be safe... I got it on 256MB NAND without a hardware-flasher

    You just need to read all posts one time. All necessary infos should be in this thread.
    GL, Cheers

    P.S.: USB stick: 10 hours later: 84%, 130min remaining [MW3]

  5. #365
    djmpd21 Guest
    Waiting for 4.21

  6. #366
    magnumbreak28 Guest
    hi all!!

    my ps3 model is CECH 2506A - LW (SLIM) are this console able convert to DEX ??


  7. #367
    StanSmith Guest
    I created and flashed fine but the firmware update YLOD it. So not sure where I am. I guess I'm both 50/50.

    I have another question about the progskeet. Where can I find a layout or tutorial to connect it to the 60GB CECHC02 PS3? PS3 Dev Wiki doesn't have any pics or just about anything for installing it and Google isn't helping either.

    I got the progskeet only as they didn't have any solderless kits and said they dont work anyway and the best way for this is to solder it. They also said it is pre setup for NAND flashing so I'm guessing I dont have to do anything else to it except install it.

  8. #368
    1Panic Guest
    Will they ever release a solution for those on newer firmware? I just find this a bit pointless. Since most are already on cfw or on ofw higher then 3.55. With cfw there is no reason to be on DEX firmware at all. It makes no sense to me.

  9. #369
    StanSmith Guest
    On DEX you can play ANY game backed up to USB.

    On 3.55CFW you can only play 3.55 and lower games and some 3.56+ game if they have a patch or a dongle and patch.

  10. #370
    Lando43 Guest
    no reason? you can run all the games now, that's a good enough reason to be on DEX to me...

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