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    StanSmith Guest
    I read there are a few things for it so I will have to ask the shop for what is needed. I might try to keep it solderless so I can move it to the 360 if needed.

    I thought the CEX2DEX flash was the bad part but its not. That went fine without any problems, it was the firmware installation that YLOD on me. I made sure I did things twice and checked them out to make sure they were correct and all checked out fine but that DEX 355 firmware is the only thing I didn't check and I should've as I thought it wouldn't need checking.

    EVERYONE converting from CEX to DEX make sure you double check everything or you will be in the same situation I am in now.

  2. #352
    Tepoo Guest
    Do i understand that right? i have to own a Dex to convert a retail to Dex?

  3. #353
    NN33NN Guest
    Will a dex 4.11 play all the games thats from FW 1.00 up to FW 4.11?

    Or am I missing something?

  4. #354
    stickyicky111 Guest
    can't wait to try this out just wish it was a little less confusing for a noob like me! lol

  5. #355
    azwald Guest
    yap, but you need to follow the tut here: http://www.ps4news.com/forums/ps3-ha...tml#post421578

    btw, there a chance that the eid0 dump is all 0, when that happened, just redo the dump and about the key is not at the first section, from my dump, the key is actually writtem twice in the dump, at the beginning and at the middle. either one is the same, just copy 48byte into a new file and use it for c2d.

  6. #356
    Blade86 Guest
    7) Anyone dared 2 go online?

    What about spoofers and/or proxies or Charles 2 handle the network-communication?

  7. #357
    Blade86 Guest
    ps3gen does not recognize my hdd (formatted with ps3).

    nvm, i got it. run ps3gen with admin-rights under win7

    Ok intresting: With admin rights you cannot drag-in the images... So here is the workaround:

    1st) Start ps3gen WITHOUT admin rights.
    2nd) Do complete tut till the step B4 u press "Build" the first time.
    3rd) Save ur project. ( *.gp3) & close ps3gen
    4th) Start ps3gen WITH admin rights & load your project.

    => continue with tut: COD MW3 via USB HDD on DEX-OFW-411 runs flawlessly

    Currently not working with a USB-stick.
    Everything went well, until "Generating Disk Image"
    Stuck on 0%
    Anyone got it 2 work with usb stick?
    Pretty sad 2 use my only 2TB Ext HDD & not able 2 create a data-partition next to the ps3gen-ones.

    Some more Questions:

    1) i read that the DEX-MM cannot load any games...
    2) on DEX OFW 411 we do not have peek&poke, right?
    3) lv2 patcher v9 can not help here?
    4) installing homebrew like snes-emu is possible
    5) If we want 2 play < 3.56 backup games, we have to "update" 2 a patched DEX 3.55 or CFW 3.55 (incl. DEX2CEX) or use bd-emu usb & ps3gen same like for 3.56+ games
    6) in dex we have 2 use the "NON-gnpdrm" version of Factory Service mode?

    Sorry if those question were already answered, but i read a lot of different comments about that, I'm very instrested in & don't wanna risk something

    Ps3gen with USB-Stick DOES show some progress, its just SOOOO SLOW. 3% now... On hdd, the whole process did not take much time...


  8. #358
    niwakun Guest
    USB sticks are bad with games had cluttered files (like had more than 10,000 files on a single game, like Atelier Meruru, it contains 15,000+ files if i'm not mistaken) so you had to wait 20x longer to finish.

    But USB Sticks should work, it's just slow to handle too many files.

  9. #359
    ta0lavjp92 Guest
    I did from step 10 :

    run script --> error

    [Register or Login to view code]

    please help me

  10. #360
    Randalajoe Guest

    I need help to get any file manager/ftp to run on DEX 4.11. Maybe someone can help me with the steps to convert any existing homebrew like blackbox ftp to work on dex. Help would really be appreciated.

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