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Thread: PS3 CEX (Retail) to DEX (Debug) Conversion Method is Released!

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    arktos Guest
    i want to share a debug menu selector (originally from demonhades for JFW) for dex firmware. i have repacked them with dex 3.55 system files, so that these do work on dex. the description is still spanish though...

    you can select either the usual dex debug menu or the retail qa cex menu, now even on dex. the options seem to work on dex.

    Download: dbg_selector.rar (4.89 MB)

    btw, the menus are translated mostly to german, if you select german language

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    ISSAlcatraz Guest

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    verbuyst Guest
    Hi, I'm having trouble with the CEX2DEX.exe in STEP 9 :: PATCHING CEX FLASH DUMP TO DEX (the nand tutorial)

    I select the Backuprflash.bin and my dumb file, but I recieve this at the end and I don't get a rflash.bin
    - Loading Flash Dump...
    - EID0 Address : *****
    - ROOT-KEY : *****
    - ROOT-IV : *****
    - EID0-KEY : *****
    - EID0-IV : ****
    - EID0-SECTION-KEY : *****
    - EID0-DATA-DECRYPT [CEX] : ****
    - CMAC-EID0 [CEX] : ****
    - CMAC : FAIL!
    removed the numbers and letters because Sony could be watching

    Solution 1 and 2 don't work for me.

    Solution 1 from beenii: "cd metldrpwn" hit enter
    then type
    "chmod +x" hit enter
    then type
    "sudo sh"
    I have the dumb file, I just can't convert

    Solution 2 from raddog: thats the same thing that happen to me, but its a problem with the program when you rename the file to dump and you choose the option to load it u need to also put the name "dump" and click open then press cex2dex... should work now unless you are doing something wrong which out of my hands. Don't know what he is talking about, other then using the program before the error

    I'm using Win 7 64bit, my ps3 is a CHECHC04 (is there another cex to dex program?)

    My backuprflash.bin is 262,144KB
    my dump is 256 KB
    my METLDR is 60KB

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    rodq Guest
    compile the module on your own kernel, loading modules compiled on different kernels may lead to... that!

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    StanSmith Guest
    I thought I'd ask here as people here should know how to help me. I got a dump of rflash, flash 1,2 and 3 using Preloader Advance 3.1 I converted the console to DEX and it worked. I flashed 3.55DEX from PS3NEWS and it YLOD on me. Its a 60GB with a NAND.

    If there a way to flash the backups I have and restore the previous firmware and fix it from YLOD from the bad flash? If so, how or what device do I need to do it? I know the E3 Flasher DOES NOT flash NAND ONLY NOR so I cant use that.

    Is there another unit or another way to reflash? It YLOD before it can gets into service mode so I cant flash it that way. Any help?

    I've read the PROGSKEET will work on a 60GB with NAND. Can I flash these backups I have and get it working again or is the YLOD killed it?
    It's not overheated, its a bad flash thats why it YLOD.

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    evildevil Guest
    I don't get the whole point of this... I'm missing something: as stated by cfwprophet here and demonstrated by stan here if you convert your cex into a dex you're still missing some stuff so you can't flash a dex FW safely.

    In this way we're changing the ID to 0x82 and then flash a debug firmware... it's so "easy"? can we flash this firmware safely on a retail 3.55 cfw (rebug + otheros)? will it became a FULL debug PS3? (so you can use SN proDG, ps3debugger etc...)

    sorry but too much different information sources and only ONE 220€ ps3

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    technodon Guest
    if you flash the console and it goes bad the only way to recover is with a nor or nand flasher. so i would only attept this if you already have one or plan to get one if your console breaks

    StanSmith, you can fix your ps3 with progskeet

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    StanSmith Guest
    Thanks technodon. I'll get one tomorrow and get my friend to install it for me.

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    evildevil Guest
    You might like to know you can also use the 360 clip and the kit with progskeet so you can even get the job done without a single point of solder

    (someone correct me if I'm wrong!)

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    Blade86 Guest
    OMG I'm on DEX 4.11 with my NAND 256MB Thank you sooo much ALL in here!!! You helped me ALOT AGAIN

    DEVs: You are just awesome!!!

    (all CMAC fails out there: start again with extracting metldr from Backuprflash.bin (& DELETE prior excisting metldr) & compile the module b4 inmod it:
    insmod metldrpwn.ko
    sh ./
    Someone know if i can use a USB-Stick instead of a USB-Hdd for this method: PS3 3.6+ Backups on CEX (Retail) to DEX (Debug) Consoles Guide


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