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    tonybologna Guest
    Here's a link to a modified PUP with peek & poke. It's not mine but others have used it & it works. It was created by harryoke with MFW:

    DEX 3.55 PUP with peek & poke added as requested this is DEX3.55 update pup with lv1 & lv2 peek and poke added... so you can now use multiMAN on you backups on DEX:


    I used MFW builder and has been tested and works.... hope you enjoy, only install if you have converted your ps3 to DEX.

    remember to use Multiman 4.01 and the DEX patch for 4.01 and it works... do not use any other multiman cos it doesn't work.

    Also from haxxxen: I have made a patch for the PS3UPDAT.PUP.355.001.forDEX.release.20101126d update (you can find on wiki or 3.60 sdk) with lv1.self and lv2_kernel.self from Kmeaw/Rebug and added lv1checksoff patches.

    This works great with old homebrew such as mm 2.09 bdemu2 or fselfs

    Download Links: dextail.rar (13.37 MB)


    Put the pup without rename in same directory and run patch.bat

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    cvp Guest
    Hey Friends. I have a problem.

    I convert my ps3 to dex. I use a 40GB HDD for Linux (22GB) and rest for ps3 OS. After that, i take my old 320GB CFW HDD and install over Recovery Mode (Menu 6) the Debug Firmware. All is ok, my old are not delete. So BUT! i format my 40GB HDD with Linux. Know i want from DEX to CEX, because i use a E3 Flasher and i can't install a dual boot with Debug Firmware.

    If i want flash my 355DEX.EID0.NORBIN he tell me there is a Error, he cant Write EID0!!!

    So, i think this because missing Linux Partition. Is it possible to install Otheros++ on Debug Firmware? Or have any one a another solution for me?

    i try to flash the 355CEX.EID0.NORBIN (renamed to bkpps3.bin) over E3-Flasher, but after than, my PS3 not start.

    Is there a otheros++ debug pup ?

    thanks a lot

  3. #333
    niwakun Guest
    Byte Reverse the NORBIN before flashing it to E3 Flasher.

  4. #334
    tonybologna Guest
    Actually, deank has now provided an updated MultiMan version for DEX with peek & poke included.

    Mirror: multiMAN v04.04.03 BASE DEX (20120721) (14.88MB - can be used on DEX 3.55-4.11; can load backups on 3.55 DEX with peek&poke) / multiMAN v04.04.03 BASE CEX DEX (20120722) (33.55MB - Included cygwin DLL files in "norunpack" folder, included in both package above in "multiMAN folder; DEX version can be used on DEX 3.55-4.11; can load backups on 3.55DEX with peek&poke)

    Note: Do not use older (20120721) versions of MM if going to flash NOR EID0 (you will get an error / nor flash won't be changed). Use 20120722 link.

    Also from Rogero comes a Rogero 3.55 DEX Downgrader CFW Peek / Poke PS3UPDAT.PUP today as well.

  5. #335
    elser1 Guest

    any one got a mediafire link?

  6. #336
    cvp Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by niwakun View Post
    Byte Reverse the NORBIN before flashing it to E3 Flasher.
    hi thanks for help, can you explain to me precisely how i can do that? With FlowRebuilder?

    Hello, again, ok i use FlowRebuilder v. and choose Byte reverse a dump. He save it on 355CEX.EID0.swap. I Flash it over E3. But after than, the console shut down, no LED blink. I've used it wrong?

    So, i flash my backup back, and my ps3 start normally, but Debug.

    But it needs a Peek & Poke DEX3.55. we can't put peek & poke in to the 4.11 DEX Firmware

  7. #337
    Blade86 Guest
    Hello On "Sudo ./run.sh" i get following error:

    [Register or Login to view code]


    [Register or Login to view code]

    Can anyone help me?

  8. #338
    cvp Guest
    try "sudo sh ./run.sh"

  9. #339
    Blade86 Guest
    Thank you so much for answering me, but same thing, same error

  10. #340
    Squarepusher3 Guest
    I could get by this step by doing this -

    [Register or Login to view code]

    Then follow with this after that -

    [Register or Login to view code]

    It should work now.

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