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Thread: PS3 CEX (Retail) to DEX (Debug) Conversion Method is Released!

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    cvp Guest
    Hello guys. I convert my ps3 slim 2504b (NOR) to DEX. It have work well. Only Problem is, that c2d ... or i think the OpenSSL 64bit and/or 32it not really work on Win7 64bit. A friend patched my NORBIN in hes win 7 32bin.

    the only problem what i have is now, that i can't start any games over Multiman (of course DEX 4.xx Version). Do i need a peek and poke dex firmware? if yes, where can i find it?

    many thanks

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    azwald Guest
    any DEX firmware works right?

    is it possible to return to 3.55 from 4.11 DEX?

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    skaab Guest
    Hello! How can i dump nor flash with software?

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    4218kris Guest
    If you bothered to READ youd see to use preloader quote If people want to flash this thing so badly WITHOUT a hardware flasher, you only need linux or jaicrab's flasher (for NOR).

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    dhunter Guest
    I'm looking for a 3.55 Dex pup with p&p too.

    Update: Download: multiMAN v04.04.03 BASE DEX (20120721) (14.88MB - can be used on DEX 3.55-4.11; can load backups on 3.55 DEX with peek&poke) / multiMAN v04.04.03 BASE CEX DEX (20120722) (33.55MB - Included cygwin DLL files in "norunpack" folder, included in both package above in "multiMAN folder; DEX version can be used on DEX 3.55-4.11; can load backups on 3.55DEX with peek&poke)

    Note: Do not use older (20120721) versions of MM if going to flash NOR EID0 (you will get an error / nor flash won't be changed). Use 20120722 link.

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    niwakun Guest
    Tried it with 256MB NAND PS3 and it works, although I didnt use anything related on otherOS PUP's. Just a plain LV2 patch to load Linux.

    All process were done on linux, from dump the NAND >> Extract >> metldrpwn >> patch the NAND for DEX with the EID0 gained in metldrpwn >> flash the DEX.

    After that, turned off the console and turned back on. As usual it boots, and began installing DEX firmware.

    Mentioning that I didnt loose a single save file nor a game data or PSN games currently stored on my PS3. All games works as usual, PSN games dont work though since the keys used on those PSN games to sign is probably already blacklisted anyway.

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    StanSmith Guest
    Ok, todays update. I got a lot further than yesterday but now I can dump a metldr from Linux but its empty. its 256kb but its empty. HEX viewer says its just 0's

    I followed what DEANK said on his update to the first post here.

    I get to #27 when the problem is. Any help or ideas?

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    Blade86 Guest
    WOW nice to hear Congratulations!!! (you got a NAND-tut? ) I'm on 256MB NAND too, but all dumps were shown as invalid in "cex2dex.exe". So I used Preloader Advance to dump, and there it was, the extracted metldr.

    Just installed Linux on internall hdd (I used the eighth-pup) I stucked on the make-command, so i switched from live-cd 2 installed-on-hdd. Now i'm downloading linux-2.6.tar.gz to get the missing commands...
    apt-get update
    apt-get install make
    apt-get install wget
    apt-get install gcc
    apt-get install libncurses5-dev

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    StanSmith Guest
    LAST Update. IT WORKED! I rebooted and it finally dumped a working metldr. I put it back into CEX2DEX and it finally asked where to save the new file. I flashed it back with Preloader Advance 3.1 and it's now installing a DEX firmware.

    I've noticed it also removed QA mode which I'm guessing as its a DEX console it no longer needs QA mode?

    SO, if you are going to follow the new tutorial add 1 more step. 24.5 if dumped file is 0's go back to step 18.

    Oh, after all that it YLOD on me. The DEX firmware killed it for me. It was working till it finished the install.

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    sakunchai Guest
    I am gt41 form DEX video. I only test play backup PES2012 on my PS3 Test (please see in logo on ps3)

    I don't use flash tools for do anything. please proof.

    PES 2012 working on 4.11 DEX

    PKG file for DEX: (password for mediafire: irobot)
    PS3Gen save file: (password for mediafire: irobot)

    load save file with PS3Gen and build and install pkg.. play


    F:\NEW-PS3\3.60+4.11 Games\Pro Evolution Soccer 2012

    PS3Gen must take the game from this path

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