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  1. #291
    elser1 Guest
    wow. there are some great guides coming out, so tempting to do it but i'll stick with rebug. i don't wanna back my hdd up for 20hrs each way. LOL

  2. #292
    4218kris Guest
    is this a nand c2d solution? i keep trying but get lost with nor talk. i can't get preloader anywhere anymore fracking insane.. this should be preloader yea?


  3. #293
    Blade86 Guest

    I'm so scared, because I have no Hardware-flasher, but Im gonna do it now... wooooow sooo exciting

  4. #294
    Ozz465 Guest
    I am tempted as well. GL

  5. #295
    Blade86 Guest
    I'm updating from Rebug 3.55.2 to CFW355-OTHEROS++ right now... (how much space is reserved for linux with this pup? or do I need the EIGHTH-HDD-SIZE.PUP?) And burning red-ribbon-rc5...

    I'm on 256 NAND, so i think i should use preloader for dumping and flashing... Is it safe to use the pkg for putting in Factory Mode or shall i search for my old atmel?

    Or is it even better to use linux for dump and flash?

    Thanks in advance

    I don't get the 3 beeps on: 2. Start the "Install OtherOS" (the key with the file dtbImage.ps3.bin must be inserted).

  6. #296
    ISSAlcatraz Guest
    Preloader Advance is not a PKG its a Lv2diag.self & a advance.cfg Not more. Dump & Flash is on every method not safe!

    if you do something wrong your PS3 is history.

  7. #297
    Blade86 Guest
    You need 2 be in factory service mode for Preloader Advance. There are 2 methods (as far i know) 2 get into this:

    1) Atmel-Dongle (or similar)
    2) PS3 FactoryServiceMode Tool (an installable pkg)

    Or is it just the 2 files on a usb stick and then button combo (POWER & Eject)

    I think, if u dump/flash via linux u dont need factory service mode...

    I got my flashCEX.bin 245.504 KB

    - Loading Flash Dump...
    - Error : Could NOT Find METLDR, Invalid Flash Dump!

  8. #298
    anon777 Guest
    in the tut it says do

    [Register or Login to view code]

    but i don't have a ps3nflasha i have a ps3vflasha so would i do

    [Register or Login to view code]

    ..advance preloader 3.1 didn't work for me so i'm doing it manually (256MB NAND ps3)

  9. #299
    Blade86 Guest
    I got my flashCEX.bin 245.504 KB

    - Loading Flash Dump...
    - Error : Could NOT Find METLDR, Invalid Flash Dump!

    [Register or Login to view code]

    did not work but sda instead of sda1 worked. i got only sda, is that ok??

    [Register or Login to view code]


    [Register or Login to view code]

    did also not work, i got only ps3vflasha ...

    [Register or Login to view code]

    is that ok?

    Thank you soo much

  10. #300
    4218kris Guest
    i'm not done, but i've used so far preloader for dump and went from rebug to CFW355-OTHEROS++-SPECIAL.pup, now my only usb keyboard is broken what next, got to go get one at the thrift store, they usually have a ton of keyboards and mice. then i understand i have to install linux for metldr exploit right?

    i can't do it on a live boot cd? has to be done on ps3 linux right? do i burn the red ribbon rc5 to disc then use petitboot to install or can i put it on a usb? whats the command line to do that?

    and the service mode pkg. (to exit service mode rename the lv2diag_exit on your usb to just lv2diag)

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