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    gukha Guest
    Thanks for the info.

  2. #22
    so what does this mean for us with OFW 4.20 or 4.21?

  3. #23
    Ozz465 Guest
    It means nothing, like the rest of the info.

  4. #24
    rikukh3 Guest
    Is there any AES encryption tool for windows where you can set your own Initilization Vector? All tools I can find generates it randomly.

  5. #25
    sguerrini97 Guest
    Maybe you can use OpenSSL with cygwin, but I don't know which AES encryption is needed (128 bit or 256 bit). I'm going to try with both.

  6. #26
    rikukh3 Guest
    sguerrini97, thanks. OpenSSL for windows works great.

  7. #27
    sguerrini97 Guest
    What AES encryption are you using?

  8. #28
    rikukh3 Guest
    AES256. You can figure it out by looking to length of the keys.

  9. #29
    danielex93 Guest
    My ps3 is updated to original firmware 4.21... can i convert my ps3 without downgrade to 3.55?

    I have a slim console of cech 2504A series... I'll wait your answers

  10. #30
    rikukh3 Guest
    Just tested it myself and can confirm:

    For first 2 steps of encryption we use aes-256-cbc and for decrypting first EID0 Section we use aes-128-cbc.

    This OpenSSL-Win32 command works perfect for me:

    [Register or Login to view code]

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