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    This one is a little better I think. It looks longer but more details and missing commands.

    I think if you go by both you can get the job done. If your a dev then you already know what your doing, to the noob like most of us its still a huge headache.

    We need a working noob tutorial.
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    Sorry i meant a hardware-flasher

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    use mm on dex 3.55 - or just bdemu on higher dex fws. you can convert back to cfw 3.55 anytime from any dex fw.

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    Yes just install modified 3.55 CEX (Lv1&Lv2) and Flash your CEXDump.bin back.

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    Thank you soo much for answering me! That is very good to know... Is it right, that i can only put 1 game on usb via ps3gen&bdemu?
    So on higher dex, we do have to delete & refill the usb in order to change our game and no possibility to load mm as a filemanager to do this work?

    Sooooo nice. Thank you soo much

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    petitboot still can still run your reboot.pkg etc. on dex firmware. Its all super cool. Just put your 3.6+ games onto debug usb hdd partitions... max. 4 games per hdd i think. Select default partition via the hdd utility. All runs perfectly here.

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    Is there any way to get Core Dump of retail running EBOOT? It works with FSELFs though.

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    OMG i cannot hold myself. This information changes my life (at least the next days )

    If the four 3.6+ games is onto debug usb, what about the <=3.55 games? (still loadable via mm on dex 4.11?)


    Super Cool

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    All Games are playable from 1.00 to 4.11 Bro

    From tonybologna (via : All games are playable now up to 4.11 from DEX console. The method in playing all of them are different. For 3.55 games & below we can do it the old way via either internal or external HDD from CFW. For newer games, we have to use the USB BD Emulator method until possibly another solution comes along. This method only allows 4 games on a USB HDD at a time. I'm talking about backups of course here & not retail discs.

    BTW, we can now go back & forth from CEX to DEX as well. All we have to do is change the name of the flash & re-install from USB drive. That's a plus! One other thing! The MultiMan version of DEX doesn't allow backups. If it did then maybe we could see an option other than USB HDD for playing newer games. I'd love to be able to do all of this from my internal HDD. Thanks guys!

    And from bleh: Someone with ff13-2 try this:

    replace it with the white_patch_scr_u.ps3.sdat

    i don't have the game so can't test it

    From butnut: FF XIII-2 (US version) works I personally tried it. I did not create new package for the update.

    Just unpack the update, rename folder to title id, put update in dev_hdd0/game

    Go into recovery mode and select rebuild database. When ps3 reboots you are done.

    Awesome update finder 0.03 is really easy to use:

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    I've read multiple reports about MLB 12: The Show working but I don't know about Pro yak 2012!

    I think he meant in how they can be played & not if they all can be played. It's my understanding that multiMAN DEX version doesn't allow backups. We're still gonna need the standard MM for playing backups of 3.55 & below & the USB BD Emulator method for playing all the newer games (3.6+).

    What I'm hoping for is a method to do all of this from internal HDD. That would be GREAT because I have a pretty big internal HDD at 600GB. It would be nice to use it for all of my DEX needs. Thanks!
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