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Thread: PS3 CEX (Retail) to DEX (Debug) Conversion Method is Released!

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    StanSmith Guest
    And that is where?

    I've been reading a heap of pages and they all say different things so atm I'm not sure which to follow but I got most of it even 1 EID key and I can see another but still cant get it working properly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by StanSmith View Post
    Anyone got a link for PS3 CEX2DEX Application r1 as the puush one is dead now.
    Here is a direct download to it link:

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    StanSmith Guest
    Thanks for that. You can actually get a few things without Linux using that as it sees the keys but the c2d says its wrong, it says its a 256mb not a 16mb as it wants. I'm trying it on a phat 60GB so I guess its a 256MB not 16MB thats the problem???

    btw, when try this To dump NOR: go to mmOS File Manager->Select any file and press CIRCLE->Open in HEX viewer->press [SELECT]->press [START]->answer: DUMP LV2(NO)->DUMP LV1(NO)->DUMP FLASH(YES)

    I don't get the option to dump flash. I go into any file, press O, "Open in HEX Viewer", SELECT, START, it exports Game OS memory so I press OK it asks to expert HV LV1 and I press NO and it exits back to HEX viewer.

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    ISSAlcatraz Guest
    Dude, download Advanced preloader 3.1 dump your Nand use CEX2Dex Tool to extract your METLDR. now go in Linux (Redribbon) and Start metldrpwn with your extracted METLDR to get your Key (dump file) now in Cex2Dex create your Dexflash.bin. Put your PS3 with Advanced preloader in Service mode and Flash your modified Dexflash.bin done.

    If you need help ask Gunner54 or me.

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    niwakun Guest
    Anyone tried building their own install disc and install pkg through that? Just curious.

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    alchybear Guest
    do you have a working link for preloader3.1

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    ISSAlcatraz Guest

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    StanSmith Guest
    ..... I went back a few pages and started doing what it said. I already have the dump from preloader3.1 but as thats a different page and a different install and couldn't get it working I went the other way. I installed OtherOS++ and I'm stuck.

    it says type this in the shell "mount -n -o remount,rw /dev/sda1 /tmp/petitboot/mnt/sda1" I get a reply of "mount: you must specify the file system type" so I'm guessing that tutorial is wrong as its missing something. I'm typing it word for word doing exactly as it says and its not working.

    As the above way sounds easier I think I will reflash a CFW 3.55 and do it that way. As I'm not good at Linux HOW do I do the "Start metldrpwn with your extracted METLDR to get your Key(dump file)"?

    I have linux installed on a netbook so can I use that or so I have to use this RedRibbon and where do I install RedRibbon? I read its for the PS3 but I couldn't get it to install in 3.15 thats why I upgraded to 3.55 OtherOS++

    As soon as I find the quick way I'll be really happy. The console I have here currently is a 60GB Phat that doesn't play BluRay movies but it does play PS2 and PS3 games fine so it is desperately in need of a fix, either a restore to region 89 or a DEX conversion.

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    ISSAlcatraz Guest
    Sorry for my very short tut bro. go to this link and read the tut:

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    StanSmith Guest
    Thats the tutorial I was using when I had the problem above. It's stops with that mounting error.

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