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  1. #241
    Leussink Guest
    I got the red ribbon dvd burned.

    How do i place it into my ps3 HDD?


  2. #242
    segobi Guest
    there is an icon on the desktop saying "install red ribbon"

    got resistance 3 to work from usb hdd.

  3. #243
    Xplic1T Guest
    not even going to mess with this until a DEX loader (MM) is working properly and we have higher DEX firmware (4+) ... sure its tempting but i want a simpler solution

    I know dean is up for the task.

  4. #244
    xangma Guest
    I have an e3, and I got that message the other day when trying to downgrade. The error code 8002f0e0 relates to the hard drive I think. Perhaps check your internal Hdd is formatted to Fat32 first?

    That's what I did and the update went through in service mode using lv2self.diag ... ?

  5. #245
    Reza0101 Guest
    i am want to dump metdlr with your instruction. i am following your command step by step but when i use this command

    [Register or Login to view code]

    i got this error:

    [Register or Login to view code]

    please help me i need it very very much

    thank you

  6. #246
    Gunner54 Guest
    On windows what you need to do is this, go to your USB stick and then go to Organize > Folder and search options > View and enable :

    - Show hidden folders and files
    - UNTICK Hide protected operating system files

    Now you should see Backuprflash.bin on your memory stick.

  7. #247
    Ozz465 Guest
    Man i would love to try this but it's way above my level. anyone have it done and if so whats it like so far?

  8. #248
    ISSAlcatraz Guest
    Can Someone upload PS3 CEX2DEX Application r1 to any other site plz?

    when i try to download it from puush, it take me to the main site


  9. #249
    Draic Kin Guest
    This !!! What is it like being on DEX?

  10. #250
    elser1 Guest
    it looks like a lot of people are doing it.. just look at all the posts in this thread. i don't really think it would be that hard to do with all the great step by step tutorials other members have made. That being said i think its beyond me too. LOL only really because i don't think an end user like me would benefit that much.

    It still is awesome that its been done. i think i might try installing linux first with rebug and get used to that 1st before trying this out. I don't own a flasher also if anything does go wrong.

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