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Thread: PS3 CEX (Retail) to DEX (Debug) Conversion Method is Released!

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    HeyManHRU Guest
    Very good news, right now it seems to be a bit complicated but hopefully it will be made a bit easier soon.

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    Sejuice Guest
    How many said dex would lead to nada...

    Dongles just got owned.

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    niwakun Guest
    well, it looks like the age of PS2 HDD backup loading again...

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    drphuz Guest

    Question DRM Infected Dongle Killer?

    I been looking into BrandonW's work he did on PS3JIG and i think its possible to load the dongle payload from a PSP. Anybody got any ideas on this?

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    rikukh3 Guest
    How to Create a PS3 PKG That Install EDATs Tutorial by aldostools is completely wrong title. What it does is generates debug license files (for per account binded psn content).

    Still no way to install PKG gameupdates with retail finalized *.edat files inside.

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    misiozol Guest


    So much hassle to play from HDD $ony makes me sick , all this trouble to play. Here is idea just buy xbox360s rumor has it that new mobo corona is glitchable that is gr8 news. And $ony will lose that way lots of customers honestly don't know which one is worse micro$oft or $ony ???

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    mistar Guest
    Well CEX to DEX is kinda the same as calibrating your flatscreen to enjoy the true visual quality of your games. A lot of people just sit down and play games on factory settings whit messed up tint settings and messed up white balance settings sharpness put on max.

    if you have a calibrated screen you know the difference and probably this people will never touch the remote and go into advanced setting of their tv. So thats what DEX gives you advanced settings and OPTIONS..options to do what you like. And if you curious enough you can actually learn pretty cool stuff too.

    So don't get me wrong. Its just not for everyone its not a CFW and its not for pirating games. BUT its truly an option for everyone who stuck on latest firmware to downgrade and enjoy some options. Or do a QAFLAG extra or run linux.

    Well i think the most interesting question is can we build a mini Condor Cluster with DEX firmware on our ps3s??! And what advantages we can get in developing or creating it.

    PS: So its just a speculation but can we build a mini Condor Cluster with the latest DEX firmware?

    I think if we could do that its just speculation BUT if we could get say 100 people with 2 ps3s per person condor cluster method ps3s hooked up to a dedicated server and those servers directing all of the hooked up ps3s calculating power to a specified point say an url or a secured IP couldn't we just use that power to hack and calculate the keys required to do a 4.21 CFW!?


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    yanbae Guest
    so confused

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    sangimed Guest
    call me when it's possible without cfw

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    mistar Guest
    Yeah sorry i know its confusing. But hey theoretically it can be done.


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