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    PS3 3.6+ Backups on CEX (Retail) to DEX (Debug) Consoles Guide

    Following up on the PS3 CEX to DEX Conversion Method, C2D Flash Patcher, PS3Tools GUI Edition and CEX2DEX Application updates comes more guides today from both sguerrini97 and anonymous, as follows:

    How to Play PS3 Backups (Less Than / Equal To) 4.11 on Debug (DEX) Consoles (roughly translated)

    You will need:

    First turn on your console, connect the USB hard drive and navigate to Settings-> Debug Settings.

    WARNING: with the next step you will lose ALL data on your hard disk so irreversible.

    Select "HDD Format BD Emulator", choose "Quick" and press enter.
    Navigate to "Boot Mode" and select "Release Mode".
    Below, in "Blu-ray Disc Access" select "BD Emulator (USB)".
    And below, to use the maximum speed of your HDD, select "HDD Native".

    Now the console is ready to open up the hard disk drive. Connect your hard drive to your PC, Windows will tell you to format it, do not do it otherwise you'll have to format it again on the console or PS3Gen.

    Start PS3Gen and open a window in the folder of your game, I will use the guide for COD: MW3. Now:

    1. Enter the ID of your game;
    2. If the game uses trophies, put the check mark on "Trophy";
    3. In "Copyright Holder" and "Producer Name" type "SCE";
    4. Select the size range in which part of your backup, the backup will occupy some HDD on the band size you choose (4.7 GB or 8.3 GB or 25GB or 50GB, no intermediate sizes, so if it will weigh 18GB 25).
    5. Click on "Game Setup".

    The new window is used to configure the "PARAM.SFO" and the system files of the game.

    1. Click on "File-> Import File System" and select the file "PARAM.SFO" from your backup. Click on "Yes" to the window that appears.
    2. Move to the tab "Content Information Files".
    3. Drag ALL files in the folder "PS3_GAME" of your backups (only files not folders), and delete (right click-> delete) the PARAM.SFO and file that under "File Type" wrote "Not a file system ".
    Click OK, you should not say anything and go back to the main window, write it here if you get some warning.

    1. From the main window, navigate to the tab "Directory"
    2. Drag the folder that you will come TROPDIR, TROPDIR the folder in the folder of your backup.
    3. Drag the folder that you will come USRDIR ALL files and folders in the folder USRDIR of your backup.
    4. Click on "Build".

    1. On the new window, move to the third tab;
    2. Select a blank image (empty) of your HDD (the number of images available will depend on the size of your HDD and the band size you choose).
    3. If you want the backup "masterizzerete" is what appears in the XMB, put the tick on the box above.
    4. Click on Build will start the process of "burning".
    5. If you have multiple images available or want to manage images on your HDD, click on "HDD Utility" (also from Bootable principalke window using Command-> HDD Utility Emulator BD).
    6. With the button "Erase Image" will delete a previously set on your HDD.
    7. The button "Format HDD for BD Emulator" has the same function as the "BD Emulator Format HDD" of the PS3.
    8. With the button "Set Default" will set the HDD image to be displayed in the XMB.

    When you turn the console must be entered otherwise the HDD will not be detected. It should also be able to burn backups to DVD or BD, but has not been tested. The games have at least one update to be undertaken.

    Here is a simple video on how to do. The required can be found here: http://www.mediafire.com/?z053k4s39c5ho6n

    Here one sees the launch of COD: MW3:

    How to Run PS3 Backups on DEX 3.6+ Tutorial

    An anonymous source sent me a method to running 3.6+ backups on a DEX machine.

    You will need these files:

    Preparing the PS3 USB HDD:

    0. Connect an external usb disc
    1. Go to debug settings on your dex
    2. BD Access select "BD Emulator (USB)"
    3. transfer rate option select "HDD Native"
    4. "Format BD Emulator HDD"

    Preparing the PS Update:

    1. First use PS3 Game Updater to get the newest Update pkg for the game
    2. Then fire up Pkg View and extract the BCUS98295 dir into any dir -lets just call it targetdir.
    3. Extract psn_package_npdrm.exe into this dir
    4. Create a .txt into this dir and fill it with:

    [Register or Login to view code]

    Rename the .txt file "package.conf". Where BCUS98295 is the Title ID of your game and Packageversion has to be the Number of the Patch you downloaded.

    5. Run it via cmd with psn_package_npdrm.exe package.conf BCUS98295 -> this will create a new update pkg for your game -> put on usb stick an install on DEX 3.55 ( don't know if you can also install it later )

    Preparing the BD Emu Disc:

    0. connect external usb with your pc
    1. Fire up psgen.exe
    2. fill in the title id: bcus.. put disc version to 00.00, copyright holder = sce, producer name = sce, tick trophy, click setup game
    3. file -> import -> load up the param.sfo, click tab content information files and drag and drop the files from ps_game without the directories -> remove files that get a grey background -> click ok
    4. click tab directory and file the structure with your backed up files
    5. click build
    6. click for bd emulator hdd tab and select the partition you want to use

    The anon source told me that MLS 2012 works with this method... Note that files with .edat update does not work with this method yet.

    How to Create a PS3 PKG That Install EDATs Tutorial by aldostools

    Here are the steps to create a PKG to install edats (I couldn’t find a tutorial for it, so I made this):

    0. Get the make_package_npdrm.exe available in the SDK (eg. SDK 3.41) and copy it to a folder. eg. C:NPDRM

    1. Create a new folder in that folder and name it with the title id of your game (eg. NPXX00999)

    Note: Step 2 is no longer necessary with THIS updated batch file from aldostools.

    2. Copy to that folder the edat and the PS3LOGO.DAT file. eg:


    3. Create a new text file, paste the following text, and save it as make_edat_pkg.bat in the same folder where you copied the make_package_npdrm.exe

    [Register or Login to view code]

    make_package_npdrm.exe package.conf NPXX00999

    4. Before you save the file, make sure that the ContentID matches the with the file name of the .edat file and the folder name near the make_package_npdrm.exe is correct.

    5. Run the batch file: make_edat_pkg.bat

    From phantom76 comes another variation using Cygwin as follows:

    It's easier using cygwin, make_package_npdrm.exe will create the PS3LOGO.DAT, so no need to look for it or copy it across to the folder. Here's how to do it using cygwin:

    1) Create a empty game/package folder (eg: NPUB12345).
    2) Edit/create the .conf file, Delete all text in the .conf file and replace it with the following:

    [Register or Login to view code]

    3) Type "make_package_npdrm.exe NAME_OF_YOUR.conf NPUB12345"

    That's it, The License pkg should now be created.

    NOTE: There is no need to place an EDAT in the folder, make_package_npdrm.exe will make the EDAT and PS3LOGO.DAT. Changing "Local" to "Free" in the .conf won't make any difference in respect to making a "Free" EDAT, The created EDAT/License Will always be create as "Local". You need a modified make_package_npdrm.exe if you want to create a "Free" EDAT/License.

    Also below is a leak from what appears to be the PS3 Dev Wiki for those interested: http://pastie.textmate.org/pastes/4227289

    [Register or Login to view code]

    From acab: Here you go.. just insert your own dumped metldr and you are good to go..

    Download: http://www.share-online.biz/dl/5QMNJE7MD2W

    [Register or Login to view code]

    This is with red ribbon rc5 liveboot.

    From TomatOsaUce (via ps3crunch.net/forum/threads/4111-C2D?p=45601#post45601) comes yet another PS3 NOR guide, as follows:

    I'm not good at writing tutorials so someone can feel free to make it better. This is for NOR owners only sorry NOT FOR NAND CONSOLES!

    1) Get Linux prepared on your PS3 (You won't need it much but you still do for 5 minutes - Here is a modified version of Glevands tutorial)

    All tools are here: gitbrew.org/~glevand/ps3/

    NOTICE: All my tools should beep. If you don't get beep during one of the steps below then stop doing anything and contact me. I will help. OtherOS++ support: irc.gitbrew.org (ssl) #otheros

    1. Install my latest CFW (I recommend using the OTHEROS-22GB.PUP)
    2. When installation is finished, reboot in Recovery Mode (not the Backup/Restore in XMB) and choose "Restore PS3 System"
    3. Now your GameOS partition should show 22GB less than usual
    4. Run setup_flash_for_otheros.pkg (for all PS3 models)
    5. Reboot (It's important to shut down and turn on your PS3)
    6. Store dtbImage.ps3.bin on USB drive, plug it in and run install_otheros.pkg
    Try different USB ports if you don't get any beeps.
    7. Run boot_otheros.pkg
    8. Run reboot.pkg (use the package, not manually reboot!)
    9. You should be in petitboot now.
    Exit from CUI to shell or switch to another virtual console.
    10. Run script create_hdd_region.sh - rem to CHMOD 755
    (The path to create_hdd_region.sh /tmp/petitboot/mnt/sda1/create_hdd_region.sh)
    "sda1" could be "sda2" or "sdb1"/"sdb2" depending on the hdd/stick number-of-partitions
    11. Reboot and boot petitboot (from GameOs start "Reboot" app)
    12. Then boot red-ribbon-livecd (from the usb – see below) - it should appear in petitboot

    2) Download Red Ribbon RC5 on your PC http://sourceforge.net/userapps/medi...itle=Main_Page

    3) Extract the ISO to a USB stick (with MagicISO, PowerISO, WinRAR, etc.)

    4) Boot your PS3 into petitboot, plug your Linux USB stick in and choose the option to install with OtherOS++ (was the top option for me). Use default user/password (ps3/ps3)

    5) Reboot to GameOS, Install and boot mmCM (With a USB Stick plugged in)
    Update online via "debug mode" – (holding L2+R2 during startup) -> Update to latest online version (still 4.4.3)

    6) Press [SELECT] + [START] to go to mmOS, press [CIRCLE] on ANY file and “Open in Hex”

    7) Press [SELECT] to switch to LV2 memory
    Then press [START] to dump
    It will ask if you want to dump LV2, then LV1 just press [NO]
    Third question is about the flash, press [YES]
    You'll find the dump in /dev_usb000
    It will look similar to 20120717-185431-FLASH-NOR-FW3.55.NORBIN

    8) Copy the dump to your PC and put it in a folder with “norunpack” (have norunpack at root of C:/ drive for ease of use), rename your dump to 355CEX.NORBIN for ease of use. http://www.mediafire.com/?9eo21wytc76c5af - norunpack

    9) Open a command prompt and type “cd C:\norunpack” (without quotes)
    Then type “norunpack 355CEX.NORBIN extracted” (without quotes)

    10) Once completed, go into your newly created “extracted” folder and then into the “asecure_loader” folder to grab your dumped metldr

    11) Download metldrpwn from http://www.mediafire.com/?c9k31hajmrcpmz4 & extract it.

    12) Place your “metldr” file in the metldrpwn folder and copy to a USB stick

    13) Boot up Linux on your PS3, plug your USB stick in

    14) Copy the “metldrpwn” folder to your “Home” folder

    15) Open up Terminal and type “cd metldrpwn” (without quotes)

    16) Type “sudo ./run.sh” (without quotes) If it fails, type “sudo chmod +x ./run.sh” (without quotes) Then re-type “sudo ./run.sh” (without quotes)

    17) Copy your newly created “dump_eid0.bin” file to your USB and plug it back into your PC

    18) Copy the “dump_eid0.bin” & your “355CEX.NORBIN” into the c2d.exe folder (copy C2D.exe folder to root of C drive for ease of use)

    19) Open your “dump_eid0.bin” in a hexeditor of you choosing (I used HXD) and extract your keys - keys are either at start of the file (0x00 - 0x2f) or somewhere else. You can find the right location by searching the dump. You can search for bytes 0x00-0x10 and you may find the proper erk/iv at 0xc0*** location

    20) Highlight and copy your keys (3 lines) and create a new file in your hex program, paste your keys in and save it as “keys.BIN”

    21) Open a command prompt and type “cd C:\c2d” (without quotes) Then type "c2d.exe keys.BIN 355CEX.NORBIN 355DEX.EID0.NORBIN" (without quotes)

    22) Copy your 355DEX.EID0.NORBIN & your renamed 355CEX.EID0.NORBIN to your PS3 (FTP in mmCM or on a USB stick) mmCM will not flash unless the file ends with .EID0.NORBIN

    23) Open mmOS ([SELECT] + [START]), browse to your 355DEX.EID0.NORBIN and double click on it.

    24) Reboot your console and install 3.55 DEX FW

    25) To switch back to retail, simply double click on your 355CEX.EID0.NORBIN, reboot and reinstall a 3.55 CFW of your preference

    Here is a PS3 Debug Menu Selector and below is a How to Run Backups on DEX 3.6+ video tutorial and filepack from garrettcorn also, who notes: If you are having problems formatting your hdd in the beginning make sure your hdd is plugged into the port closest to the blu ray player! The one that is farthest right if sitting horizontal.

    Download: ps3dex.zip

    Finally, below are a few more guides to go back from DEX to CEX for those interested:

    Going PS3 DEX To CEX With No Brick Risk Tutorial

    Here is Tutorial to convert your Dex console to Cex, with no brick risk 100% tested on fat and slim consoles.

    Before Start Tut Be Sure Your Firmware is DEX3.55.

    1- rename your 16 MB cex flash to my.CEX.EID0.NORBIN for Slim Console With NOR flash and my.CEX.EID0.NANDBIN for Fat console with NAND flash

    2- Overwrite the reanamed cex flash file Using multiman. (Run in filemanager of multiman)


    3- Download And Install FactoryServiceMod.pkg but DON'T RUN: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?c4q49vo221bq8h6

    4- Download Rogero CFW V3.4 and rename it to PS3UPDAT.PUP: http://www.ps4news.com/ps3-cfw-mfw/r...-4-21-spoofer/

    5- Download Lv2diag.self file (365Kb): http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?q0cgp3zj3a92rdx

    6- Copy Renamed Rogero CFW and Lv2diag.self to root folder of Your Cooldisk Or EXT.HDD

    7- Connect Your CoolDisk Or HDD to right usb slot of your console (the one near BD drive)

    8- Run FactorySerViceMode From Console after running factoryservicemode the screen goes black wait until the console turn off automaticlly.this may take 4-5 min.

    9- Delete Lv2diag.self (365Kb) From cooldisk or HDD. download Lv2diag.self (4.14Kb) from the link below and copy to root folder of cooldisk or HDD. Connect it to right slot of your console: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?tpvau6ikd4xk1dg

    There is two Lv2diag.self for this TuT, Be careful. First one is 365kb and 2nd one is 4.14kb.

    10- Turn on The Console.. wait for automatic turn off.

    11- eject usb drive, turn on console.

    From lurkandlearn: Here's a fast and safe way to go between CEX and DEX for NOR consoles:

    1. Create /PS3/UPDATE/ folder in the root of a USB flash drive and copy DEX OFW 3.55 PS3UPDAT.PUP file there.
    2. Create /CEX/UPDATE/ folder there and copy CEX OFW 3.55 PS3UPDAT.PUP file there.
    3. Copy your CEX and DEX flash files to the USB root.
    4. Rename CEX file to _CEX and DEX file to DEX.EID0.NORBIN
    5. Create a .bat file, for example CEXDEX.BAT:

    [Register or Login to view code]

    6. You are ready to go CEX->DEX! If you want DEX->CEX, just run CEXDEX.BAT and you'll have CEX.EID0.NORBIN and CEX FW ready for flashing. The important thing is not to forget to turn the console off from XMB after flashing the .NORBIN file in multiman, not from multiman of by pressing the power button.

    PS3 CEX-to-DEX Conversion and Rollback Tutorial by gDrive (via ps3crunch.net/forum/threads/4587-Newbie?p=50183#post50183)

    Seeing as everyone is asking for a CEX-to-DEX tutorial, I've decided to post one up here - so here you go.

    Part 1.1: Preparing The Flash Dump For DEX Firmware Installation
    • QA-Flag the system using REBUG's Toggle-QA
    • Use multiMAN (referred to mM hereafter) 04.04.04 or later/MemDump to dump the FLASH (I used the mM-dumped one instead, even though the MemDump/mM dumps are the same as each other, hash-wise)
    • Use flatz's EID root key application on the PS3 once installed by executing it without having any USB dongles plugged in and the key should be dumped in the "/dev_hdd0/tmp/" path
    • Use Gunner54's CEX-to-DEX application to patch the flash dump
    • Double-Click (tap) on the DEX TargetID-modified dump renamed to have ".EID0.NORBIN" or ".EID0.NANDBIN" extension in mM 04.04.04 or later in order to change the TargetID from there
    • Restart the system by:
      --- Exiting mM and returning to the XMB by pressing the PS button, and selecting "Quit Game"
      --- Selecting the "Users" menu in XMB and then shutting down the system from there
      --- Pressing the <POWER> button on the PS3

    Part 1.2: Installing DEX Firmware
    • Having an official 3.55 DEX firmware PUP on a USB memory dongle in the "USB:\PS3\UPDATE\PS3UPDAT.PUP" (must be named as such) directory:
      --- Install it in XMB via the "Settings" XMB menu, and then select the "System Update" option, and then;
      --- Select the "Update from storage media" option whilst having the "Turn system off automatically after update" option unchecked, providing that the option is there, then follow the instructions from there.

    Part 2.1: Rolling Back to CEX
    • Having installed the official DEX 3.55 firmware now, Use mM again, but this time, use the original CEX flash dump, and select it in order to change the TargetID back to the original TargetID (mine was 87 = CEX-UK)
    • Exit mM and returning to the XMB by pressing the PS button, and select "Quit Game", and then from there, restart the system by:
      --- Selecting the "Users" menu in XMB again and then shutting down the system from there
      --- Pressing the <POWER> button on the PS3.

    Part 2.2: Installing CEX Firmware
    • Having the KMEAW 3.55 (CEX) firmware PUP on a USB memory dongle in the "USB:\PS3\UPDATE\PS3UPDAT.PUP" (must be named as such) directory:
      --- Install it in XMB via the "Settings" XMB menu, then select the "System Update" option, and then;
      --- Select the "Update from storage media" whilst having the "Turn system off automatically after update" option unchecked, providing that the option is there, and then follow the instructions from there.

    To summarize, I had to restart my PS3 every time I had to install the firmware after the TargetID changeover and I had to install it via XMB, as it was safe enough for me to do so.

    Also, to successfully revert back to CEX, make sure your console is QA-flagged, you're using the newer mM versions (CEX VERSIONS ONLY, otherwise you'll get an error) as the flash-writing capabilities are improved, AND as a safety precaution (nobody says this in their tutorials, but I do it anyway as a safety precaution), make sure you install/have already installed the official DEX 3.55 firmware WITHOUT the Downgrade Support before going back to CEX.

    Note: If you are on PS3 DEX and ever get the screen (pictured below) and keep getting it after rebooting into Debug mode and it just stays there, simply open up target manager on PC and reset into software mode. Your video resolution will also go to 480p on this screen.

    Hold down the Power Button until you have heard two beeps in total - one for pressing the button and another one for holding down the Power Button after a few seconds and it will be fixed.

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    Lando43 Guest
    can you dump memory easily on DEX when a game is running by using debug features? if so then fixing eboots should be possible, run the game with this method, dump memory, get the decrypted eboot from the dump, reencrypt for 3.55? no?

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    violanteer Guest
    Astrologers proclaim week of the DEX. Brick population doubles!

    At last, way to play 3.56+ games. Too bad that making console go DEX is too painful to try.

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    Foo Guest
    I advise not to click YourFile Downloader

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    NTA Guest
    The apocalypse is near!

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    maxiosuna Guest
    ok, need a list of 3.6+ working games in DEX

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    aldostools Guest
    A quick update for my "How to Create a PS3 PKG That Install EDATs Tutorial": The step 2 is not necessary. The edat can be created only with the parameters file: package.conf. Also the folder as parameter can be omited for make_package_npdrm.exe

    Here is the updated batch file:

    [Register or Login to view code]

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    ajaylion2 Guest
    by formatting the hdd does he mean the internal hdd or the usb hdd?

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    kira30 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Lando43 View Post
    can you dump memory easily on DEX when a game is running by using debug features? if so then fixing eboots should be possible, run the game with this method, dump memory, get the decrypted eboot from the dump, reencrypt for 3.55? no?
    i second this, can this be done ?

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    itwong Guest
    is there a link to the Debug firmware 4.11? The latest one that's leaked publicly is 4.10.

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