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    ADDITION: I was not able to byte-reverse my memdump original dump with FlowRebuilder... does that mean that there is no hope left for my ps3?

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    Why didn't you make a flash dump with your E3?
    • Plug your calculator into the far right usb slot on your PS3
    • Power off your PS3, pull the power cord out and plug it back in
    • Turn on your PS3 and quickly press the eject button
    • If done correctly your PS3 should turn itself off

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    I do not have an E3, I will get one in approx 1 week, but that is too late because I already messed things up now I guess...

    About your instructions on how to use the exploit with my calculator, it still does not work, but in about 30 minutes I can make a short video with my camera showing off what the boot procedure on my ps3 looks right now, with and without the calculator. So stay tuned and thank you a lot in advance.

    here is the video:

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    hi, software/memdump dump is already good, only for E3 flasher dumps, before moving on with the guide first use latest Flowrebuilder on the E3 "bkpps3.bin" - Option7/ Byte reverse a dump, check offset 200 with Hxd it must read IFI and not FII after dexconvert, use option7 once again to Byte reverse the E3 flasher dump, rename back to "bkpps3.bin" and win.

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    Thank you very very much! But I am afraid that I have not completely understood what you said sorry... could you please go into detail or write a super short/little guide if you can find some time? (As an addition, I maybe get an infectus flasher and a buddy is going to solder it, so I can repair my ps3 today if I totally understand what you just wrote).

    I took my software/memdump which says IFI, then dexconverted it and this dexconverted file also says IFI....does this mean that I need to byte-reverse this file with FlowRebuilder so it says FII and then flash it onto my console nor with e3, progskeet, infectus or any other hardware?

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    Alright, thank you. I'm only wanting this to get at copy protected saves/data on 3.6+ games/

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    did anyone test my dex with coreOS mod? even though the console uses retail coreOS it seems to have working dex options..

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    Then it just work like Rebug firmware does.

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    Also, make it clear that the Extract METLDR function only extracts the METLDR Binary from the flash and DOES NOT dump the root key, linux is required for this!

    Anyone have a tutorial for the Linux part?

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    This is great news, thanks for the info!

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