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    sounds great

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    Can someone explain how to encrypt with AES? Thanks.

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    You could probably use openssl to handle the encryption, since you know the data you need to encrypt, with what key, and the iv. However, if it pans out you may want to wait for someone to make something a bit easier to use - you probably don't want a brick!

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    Thank you for the answer, and I've got a flasher for the brick problem

    Sorry for my english.

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    I hope something comes from this, the scene is pretty much dead bar a few HB devs that release some quality dev stuff. Not too fussed about the backups but would love more homebrew...

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    CJPC with OpenSSL what AES encryption method should I use?

    aes-128-cbc, aes-128-ecb, aes-192-cbc, aes-192-ecb, aes-256-cbc or aes-256-ecb ?

    Thank you.

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    going to try this

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    Sorry for asking a stupid question but will this be able to jailbreak Ps3 in 4.11 firmware...

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    If I'm not mistaken... with this info there should be a way (or atleast a step closer) for QA Flag instead of converting completely to DEX. It has a lot to do with EID.

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