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    anyone use memdump to dump flash on a 256nand phat cecha01 with cfw rebug 3.55.2.. if so what .pkg should i use gnpdrm or npdrm?

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    Updated Link : (Runtime Libraries are built in, shouldn't require MS VC++)

    Also, make it clear that the Extract METLDR function only extracts the METLDR Binary from the flash and DOES NOT dump the root key, linux is required for this!

    Also, some insight on how I dumped/flashed my NAND.

    Using Preloader Advance 3.1 (JFW is NOT required) I put my PS3 into service mode, put Lv2diag.self and the advance.cfg on a memory stick and put it into USB000 (far right slot). Powered the PS3 on and let it do its work.

    Dump NAND Flash

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    Use my program to create a modified dump, put the dump on the memory stick and name it rflash.bin, make the previous setting (#Backup "rflash" to "/dev_usb000/Backuprflash.bin") to 0 and set this (look below) setting to 1 :

    Write NAND Flash

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    Can you write a tutorial to Flash my Nand PS3 to Dex with your Tool please? i never used Linux on my PS3 but i'm Not a NOOB so can you ? please

    Sry for my Bad english.

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    I doubt that this'll be easy enough for me to do. Though if I ever decide to do it I get another PS3 and get someone to do it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Foo View Post
    From wololo:
    Thought this was interesting and wanted to share it ^-^
    Thanks for that. Can anyone confirm that retail game discs work?

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    thanks a lot for that tut but i got a question (newbie one I assume) is there any way to do that on a OFW ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Randalajoe View Post
    What to do when you get this error: "creating new storage region (312581808, -8) ... ps3stor_region: invalid option -- 8"

    after running ./ on a nor console
    i got the the same problem, did you solve this ? does anyone know how to resolve this ?

    Quote Originally Posted by sangimed View Post
    thanks a lot for that tut but i got a question (newbie one I assume) is there any way to do that on a OFW ?
    no since you need linux on your ps3 and itīs only possible in 3.55 or lower.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Prince Valiant View Post
    Thanks for that. Can anyone confirm that retail game discs work?
    All disc games will work but when it comes to PKGs and updates it's a little shaky.

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    i got some game backups to work on a retail converted console 3.55 dex firmware for this you need a e3 flasher and dongle also maybe you need to have the nor tristate wire soldered (it might just be my flasher but it didn't like flashing while in the xmb so i flashed this after booting the console with the 1st switch in the up position)

    paste this patch ( into your dex converted nor backup using a hex editor at offset 0C0010 and 7C0010 and flash this while on 3.55 dex. it is byte reversed already if you are unsure what this means just make a nor backup with the flasher while on 3.55 dex and use this patch with that.

    its just retail 3.55 coreOS from the dongle V2 firmware but my converted dex console doesn't panic while booting it so you have a retail coreOS with dex featues. just boot console with the dongle in a usb port as normal but the red light on the dongle doesn't turn green for some unknown reason. load the dex version of multiman and you should get not bdemu errors

    not just games, all the old homebrew seems to work too.

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    Hybrid DEX Fimware... interesting...

    I think that should be looked into.

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