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Thread: PS3 CEX (Retail) to DEX (Debug) Conversion Method is Released!

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    rikukh3 Guest
    sguerrini97, modified make_package_npdrm (psn_package_npdrm) can't repack it correctly (I say it for third time!). It doesn't mean DEX PS3 don't have support of retail finalized EDAT. All previously installed retail patches (with edat files or not) works fine.

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    sguerrini97 Guest
    I don't know for nand but when you extract a nor dump (with norunpack.exe or FlowRebuilder) in "asecure_loader" folder there's a "metldr" file, you need to put this file in "metldrpwn" folder and then "./".

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    uboreme Guest
    ok worked now, does this look all right:

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    Randalajoe Guest
    you can check by extracting the first 48 bytes and save in a new file "eid_root_key.bin" - get your nor after this if you don't have already - and then use with CEX to DEX tool : c2d.exe eid_root_key.bin flashCEX.bin flashDEX.bin - will only work when you nor and root key are valid

    btw: sguerrini97 can you contact me via pm ? can't send you one and don't know why - would need your help if I may ask for it.. I'm back in a few

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    kendoRodrigo Guest
    Good afternoon everyone, Sou of Brazil and the new site here nice job everyone!

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    uboreme Guest
    just tried with 2 different dumps and neither works

    ERROR: Cannot decrypt EID0 SECTION!

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    Mondragon Guest
    If this works with all OFW or only 3.55?

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    ivanjerome81 Guest


    Hi there,

    how do you install retail pkg on a debug console? I mean coz dex console don't allow to install them.. could you tell us how? you should be use a debug pkg? or not?

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    X3nophon Guest
    Well, you have to unpack the retail pkg and then repack it with psn_package_npdrm.

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    ivanjerome81 Guest
    Thanks for your answer but rikukh3 just checked and can confirm - you can't correctly repack any update with EDAT files inside. It installs but fail on loading. Tried with psn_package_npdrm, force_package_npdrm, make_package_npdrm_retail, make_package_npdrm_debug... They all fail.

    Updates with EDAT installed before converting to DEX works fine, tested on 4.10 game 'meikyuu touro legasista', which works from usb just fine.

    Means that actually 80% of actus has edat files... I had checked a few of them... but anyway is a big step


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