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Thread: PS3 CEX (Retail) to DEX (Debug) Conversion Method is Released!

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    niwakun Guest
    cries for 256MB console users

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    filipezwicker Guest
    Look at it here on ebay ps3 original test (debug) link:

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    kofkofkof Guest
    Hi, I have some questions.

    1. OpenSSL 1.0.1 installed in c:\openssl or d:\openssl (
    2. EID root key (per_console_key) obtained with metldrpwn
    3. CEX (NOR) flash dump
    4. Extract c2d.rar in a local folder (c:\c2d or d:\c2d)

    First question: Do 2. and 3. steps must be completed via PS3 Linux?
    Second question: How to Flash Dex.bin file back to PS3 via PS3 LINUX?

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    sguerrini97 Guest
    Yes for the 2nd step you need to run "metldrpwn" on PS3 Linux, then obtain the flashCEX dump with Linux:
    dd if=/dev/ps3nflasha of=flashCEX.bin bs=1024
    and when you've done, flash flashDEX via Linux:
    dd if=flashDEX.bin of=/dev/ps3nflasha bs=1024

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    Gunner54 Guest

    Fat ps3 60gb

    I'm having a lot of problems getting Linux on my FAT 60GB PS3... I can get Red Ribbon RC5 to load on it but for some reason Red Ribbon cant seem to do the metldr exploit. I tried to manually install Ubuntu 10.04, everything seemed to go fine... the kernel compiled fine etc.. 2.6.39 but it just refuses to boot (I think FAT 60GB PS3's require 2.6.38 for some reason).

    Any help?

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    kirby422 Guest
    Note: Everything I state is based off of conversations. You can go up and down firmware freely; you could load 4.21 and play your new games and homebrew, go back to 3.55 for backups; Software Downgrading.

    USB Backups on newest firmware; You use PS3gen.exe then set the DEX'd PS3's BDEmu to USB, and run the games off USB. It doesn't work right away, the person with their proof video said it is required to install any update package for the game first (And you cannot install retail packages on the newest firmwares apparently.. he says he has to downgrade to 3.55 to install them). So, apparently backups are possible for all games with an update (and can you name a game without an update?)

    Debug options, etc. The user also claimed that PSN works even though other devs directly state it wont (So, who knows about that)

    I'm hoping for more than just the 1 video proof.. If anyone here whose converted already would like to confirm any of this?

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    sguerrini97 Guest
    Some games haven't any update (like GTAIV: EFLC, Alpha Protocol..).. I think that we need a way to install the game data without run the game.. I'm going to try Uncharted 1 now, thank for the info.

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    technodon Guest
    Right then after 3 weeks trying to pawn metloader i finally achieved it. to custom firmware prophet yes it does work with red ribbon you just have to compile a different kernel. i might write a guide on how to do this if anyone one else has problems.. cool so gonna convert to dex

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    sguerrini97 Guest
    I was unable to install a retail game update also on 3.55 .. What's the difference between a retail game update and a debug game update?

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    kirby422 Guest
    There seems to be a tutorial for backups from LordV:

    First off you will need a (preferably 3.xx) version of the ps3 generator tools, included with the SDK SCE.

    First Backup / WAREZ (for extra lulz) your game. If it's signed with 3.60 + then 'make sure the game first has an update for download, if it does not then do not bother continuing.

    Second Open ps3gen.exe and click game setup. Then load the game and then fill in sfo's any missing info. Information content in files drag and drop, etc. Put in disc version icon0.png 0:00 to bypass any errors.

    Third In directory structure and then just fill the open PS3_GAME USRDIR and tropdir folders with the backed up / warezd game's files.

    4th Click on image build and select if you want bd-r or usb hdd. If usb hdd, then first you have to format it via the tool.

    5th Build the image.

    6th Install the game RETAIL update on the target.

    6.1 If your dex can go to a search as fw 1.92 then you can install after downgrading to fw said.

    6.2 If you can not do that then downgrade to 3:55 using the special downgrader pup and then install a fw index that has been modified to allow retail pkgs.

    3.6 If said game is 3:55 and does not have update and then make one using make_fself_npdrm npdrm make pkg (not egohot, sdk one)
    7th Upgrade to highest possible index fw to enjoy hacking the sht out of MW3.

    8th If using usb hdd then go to Settings and debug bd drive to set access usb hdd, else leave it at bd-r bd drive if using.

    9th Insert selected WAREZ ** ** medium.

    10th ?

    11th PROFIT. Disclaimer: The steps provided are somewhat inaccurate in terms of button names, etc. Wait for me to come back to my pc on Monday for more detailed steps

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