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Thread: PS3 CEX to DEX Kit (Retail to Debug) Surfaces, Requires IDPS

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    kreus Guest
    does this mean we can turn into a debug ps3 and use the new multiman to play any game?

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    Nabnab Guest
    The fixed version just fix the broken syscall... that was badly used...

    anyway all this stuff come up after all the announcement last week, this is pretty weird and with not respect (LV2Loader - LV2kernel - DEX multiman)

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    kreus Guest
    Anyone with a tutorial ? And whats the advantages of this?

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    Blade86 Guest
    kreus use with caution: Rebug 3.55.2 -> QA-fl. -> LV2Loader -> lv2_kernel.self -> mmCM 4.01

    I think 4 the normals user (like me) it gives 2 much access 2 the system. Possible advantages could be 2 load a debug fself but I am to less-informed and I would be sooo glad if the pros would enlighten us (Nabnab


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    kreus Guest
    then for now its worthless for beginners?

    Is there any risk of bricking? the Qa-flag is the toggle_qa.pkg from rebug?

    can we use the debug eboots?

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    CFWfanboy Guest
    i had 3 CEX machines, so i thought i use one to play around with that CEX-DEX tool. now it's end with red light of 'dude, it's dead!'..
    so it's true: too much CEX will brick you.

    btw, can i use this pkg on Other OS++ fw?

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    kreus Guest
    can't find the lv2_kernel what folder?

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    peshellas Guest


    I will say it for the last time. Please if you are a beginner do NOT use these tools until some tut is out (especially this one cause most beginners, and average users in general don't need DEX functionality, and it becomes easier to create a brick if you tinker around with cex>dex and not know what you are doing.)...

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    Blade86 Guest
    Hi! Still noone here to give us a hint about the advantages...?


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    kreus Guest
    the advantages is you can play any game that has a debug eboot.

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