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  1. #41
    GotNoUsername Guest

    PS3 CEX to DEX

    I read the PS3 CEX to DEX Kit (Retail to Debug) Surfaces, Requires IDPS entry in the forum.

    Has someone in our community successfully used it ? Does it work ? Or we still missing something to form Retail to Debug ?!?

  2. #42
    Foo Guest
    IDPS can be modified, which is located in the flash. As far as I know this works, but I'm pretty sure it hasn't been tested yet. Anyways, if you don't know what IDPS is, (which I think you do), it's pretty much what tells your PS3 what kind of PS3 it is. For ex. System Debugger, UK Retail, Japan Retail, Debug.

  3. #43
    tomekpcpc Guest
    HELP... request_idps.txt

    PS3-slim CECH2004B


  4. #44
    BlackDaemon Guest
    Hi, guys!

    Generate my IDPS files, please. Thanks in advance!

    Console: CECH-2008A (PS3 Slim 120Gb, OFW 3.50)


  5. #45
    axlffx2forever Guest
    Really cool... But not useful for mine Ps3 OFW 3.72

  6. #46
    cenoxdj Guest
    I would like to get a request_idps from a DEX console to analyze. Anyone has or knows who has one?

  7. #47
    cfwprophet Guest
    Uhmm....?? just get the IDPS activation tool and change the Q&A flag of your ps3 retail to get a debug one. Or better say get the Q&A tool.

  8. #48
    GotNoUsername Guest
    Hi somene sucesfully transformed a Cex in a Dex with this method?

  9. #49
    ahasverus Guest
    I want to know this as well

  10. #50
    BlackDaemon Guest
    Could you give a bit more details, please? Thanks in advance.

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