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Thread: PS3 CEX to DEX Kit (Retail to Debug) Surfaces, Requires IDPS

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    Siggy12 Guest
    I'm sorry but I have to reply... sorry for the OT. DUDE!!!! did you ask to you why Sony remove OtherOS ? which his the person that cause that ? Sony KNOW VERY WELL that if OTHEROS was still inside the PS3 GAMEOS also the 9.99 firmware could be hacked.... without Geohot and the study coming after, psjailbreak NEVER HIT the market.

    is too simple find a USB buffer overflow when a exploit is released and give to you access to the ENTIRE system and last question for YOU... WHO obtain the keys of the system ? something that everyone says is impossible is impossible is impossible... Santa Claus ?

    My apologize AGAIN for the OT...

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    cfwprophet Guest
    You have no clue what you talking about !!!

    First the usb master key only is within the lv2_kernel if you have for minimum one time used it on this console. So egohots work have absolutly nothing to do with the jailbreak JIG. Ok not true they used his peek poke but that's it. The analyzing and copieng of the JIG have absolutely nothing to do with his OtherOS RAM clitch. And by the way no i don't have meaned the reason why sony have removed the OtherOS.

    Hell what you talking about. USB buffer overflow ?? Seriously ?? This is Sonys personally backdoor and have nothing to do with a USB buffer overflow. ^^ :P Your so funny man !!

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    Siggy12 Guest
    You know what we are talking about ???? do you know how they attack this PERSONAL BACKDOOR how you named ???? simple question.. DO you know how the PSJailbreak HACK work ?? I think NO!!!! SURE IS NOT can't be different the reason believe me..... and anyway you have your Idea and I have mine so we have to stay in peace even if mine or yours are wrong.

    and for the buffer overflow that make you laugh please read here:

    and also here

    please teach yourself to be more humble especially when you don't know What you are talking about the article that I posted will help you to reflect that you don't know how that psjailbreak HACK work.

    stay in peace.

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    GotNoUsername Guest
    Guys pls stay on topic !!

    But I have say some words on the PSJailbreak, yes the exploit uses Sony’s Personal backdoor a function Sony implemented !! (

    The exploit is a Heap Overflow and makes use of the PS3's behavior to expect a JIG (= backdoor). Nothing more and nothing less and its origin was most likely China where some guys worked in a Sony service center!!!

    And now pls stay on Topic and let the Past rest pls, focus on the future.

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    Siggy12 Guest
    Ok I'll stay on topic and sorry for my behavior. I have to say last thing Heap Overflow = BUFFER OVerflow. Backdoor if you want named like this is ok but I'm not perfectly agree about the guy in china worked in SONY i'm not agree because the article that I posted before say that the credits go to GEOHOT about this no one else.


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    cfwprophet Guest
    Yea sure and there for i don't know how it works and i need to teach my self, one well know dev gived yesterday a lot of gifts and underground work to me and my team and to a few other potential teams in scene ^^

    Anyway i'm done here.

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    miandad Guest
    cfwprophet does ps3 developer can't make there own gameos or own factory service like android recovery mode? why devs can't make dex pup's signed for retail?

    is there any difference between ps3 nor chip with usb flash drive nor chip? bcz usb flash drive chip easily read write with chinese program!

    can anyone resume graf chokolo work!

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    GotNoUsername Guest
    Miandad the first problem is the PS3 is a lot more complex than any andriod device and has plenty of security in place + additional checks. In theory it is possible to write your own gameOS (CFW is nothing more or less than a modded GameOs with some tweaks.)

    Well to get dex pup's installed on an Reatil maschine was done before , but it is kind of useless the PS3 checks if you try to use dex features on a retail if it is a dex, the process is kind of complictaed but the IDPS playes a main role here if y want to know more I recommend

    The last part of your question I don't understand.

    By the way graf's work is resumed, just wait and you'll see great things to come, I can't name any dev's here they are undercover after the egohot debacle.

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    miandad Guest
    thx sir, if i want to start learning idps (eid) or spu lv0 lv1 where should i start?

    is there any tutorial site except ps3 wiki dev

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    cfwprophet Guest
    For what i know not really. Best would be learning by doing and reversing some stuff. Also you can use graf's work on lv1 for better understanding.

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