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  1. #111
    sakunchai Guest
    I have real PS3 DEX on Fw 3.70 who know if I update to 4.xx. it can downgrade to 3.55 because in Fw 3.70 I can down by 3.70 -> 3.55 -> 3.41

    I want to test something on FW 4.x and return to 3.55 FW

  2. #112
    cfwprophet Guest
    It can no prob

  3. #113
    djpelle Guest
    I didn't know it atm exactly how it was never switched under 3.70 yet again

  4. #114
    Ezio Guest
    As djpelle and cfwprophet already said, you can do all tests you want without problems.

    As djpelle said, you should use downgrader dex fw only for 3.55 or lower fw.

  5. #115
    miandad Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by cfwprophet View Post
    Then you maybe already use the special downgrader pup's cause i have special downgrader pup's for 3.60 / 3.72 / 4.0 on my disk

    Or it is in case of QA Flag and if the flag is set you can downgrade without the special downgrader fw. But in case sony changed the offset of the flag on 3.60 we need to use the special downgrader pup on 3.60 again to go down too 3.55 and below.
    Sir, if you have 3.60 or 3.72 special downgrade so why don't you release it public!

  6. #116
    cfwprophet Guest
    They are already public. But it seems that most users even don't know how a special downgrader pup will be called and where they are included.

    And to correct myself it's not a 3.72 SDG (how they called it) it's a 3.74.

  7. #117
    djpelle Guest
    if you are someday back on msn show me those downgraders plz I used the dex fw from this overview (ps3devwiki.com/wiki/System_Software) and I never seen there an other downgrader as the 3.55 my friend.

    So i can compare them with the dex fw i got for those fw versions

  8. #118
    cfwprophet Guest
    They are within the SDK and have a additional .001 after the fw version like .400.001

  9. #119
    Siggy12 Guest
    Hello Bartholomy, I'm really impressive on how many people say that a new cfw is impossible... in the past... before Geohot break the PS3 security anywone was saying that too.

    People must keep in mind that is impossible probably via software (and here no doubt about...) but NOT via hardware.. have already present that hardware do what you want to do.

    For example look at xbox 360 do you think that you can break it via software ? just plug a usb key and you will see xbox360 at your knee launch unsigned code ?

    you can SIMPLY forget it... but they show to everyone that via hardware is the way to go... same is PS3 forget to break it via software is a LONG WAY FULL OF PROBLEMS (ECDSA) and probably you will go nowhere.

    It exists someone that broke security of PS3 and XBOX360 via software without touch the hardware ? the answer is simply not!

  10. #120
    cfwprophet Guest
    Don't compare the 360 with the ps3. There are huge diffrents. Two off them are metldr and bootloader. Bootloader is console, version and hardware specific and have high abbilitie to exploit the whole system.

    Why you want to exploit the hardware when it allready is unofficial done ??

    You may don't know but in underground bootloader allready hase fallen and exploitet but it hasen't found the way to the puplic and i don't know why they dono release it. But to come to the point of this post: PS3 is diff to 360

    Oh and to correct, the first reall useable hack/jailbreak was the JIG and the JIG is a service device by sony so what exactly you mean with geohot and breaking the security ? If you ask me then the graf aka grafchokolo have done much, much more for the whole scene and breaking the ps3 securitys then egohot.

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