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  1. #91
    zadow30 Guest
    is there anyone getting this to work?

    forgot to say im on 3.55 kmeaw but have got service mode installed, but the ObjectiveSuites dosent connect!

  2. #92
    SanctumSlayer Guest
    Doubt it

  3. #93
    Scorpion2k7 Guest

    request_idps.txt file info

    request_idps.txt(hex) info

    name Start offset Size(byte)

    unknow 0 8
    header 8 96

    - Header structure

    bytes - description
    4 number of file (5)
    4 lenght of entire file (value-8)
    8 unknow (00 03 00 04 00 00 00 00)
    (file table)
    4 file position 1 (value-8)
    4 file lenght 1
    8 file id 1
    4 file position 2 (value-8)
    4 file lenght 2
    8 file id 2

    - File info

    File 1 - 16 bytes - Unknow
    File 2 - 2144 bytes - EID0
    File 3 - 128 bytes - Unknow
    File 4 - 48 bytes - EID4
    File 5 - 2560 - EID5

  4. #94
    GSY Guest
    Hello it's possible convert a ps3 cex to dex ?? Sorry for my english

  5. #95
    sakunchai Guest
    I think it can't.

  6. #96
    cfwprophet Guest
    Sure it is. A lot of peoples have a converted console.

  7. #97
    GSY Guest
    How to obtain his idps under shape idps_request.txt ?

  8. #98
    cfwprophet Guest
    It's bit more then just changing the idps and no request_idps.txt is the already patched file which contains a special magic, offset and the allready patched and re-encrypted eid segments 0,4 and 5.

    But the average user will not be able to do it on his own and have to wait till some one or a team accoomplish the job and release a tool for the end user.

    The both well known dev's who can do it dont release there tools. The One have a good reason the other one don't have. But it's underground and never given out to some one other.

  9. #99
    GSY Guest
    Thus if I understood well we are not on that a tool for end user is born

  10. #100
    Tepoo Guest
    What i would like to know, what is all possible if i change my Retail to a Dev Console?

    Am i able to use the newest backupmanager and run all games without the need of a hexed bin file? Or am i only able to install homebrews?

    Because what i read in the description is doable for me, i just want to know if it is worth the work. Would be cool if someone could tell me what i can do all with a Debug Console.

    If i am able to play all games with a backup manager on the firmware version it would be interesting for me ^^

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