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Thread: ps3 browser freeze - possible exploit?

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    7ariel7 Guest

    Lightbulb ps3 browser freeze - possible exploit?

    When I'm trying to enter address about:[something] (type what ever after ":" )
    after 2 or 3 times the PS3 freeze.
    Is there exploit possible out of here?
    If you enter about:about, you will get blank page.

    Sorry about my bad English.

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    yes91 Guest
    Interesting, but I don't think that the browser crashing could lead to an exploit.

    Maybe if you were loading a disk and it froze you could swap and run a disk with some sort of firmware flasher if one is developed.

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    lilshortwun Guest
    Happens to me all the time. The PS store tends to do that also. Need to do a hard reboot to get everything working again.

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    ionbladez Guest


    The PS3 Browser is mozilla based.

    I've been experimenting with my own script that can flood the PS3 memory in the browser.

    Be careful, it can crash/lag your own browser on your pc, but the url is:

    It just adds a bunch of random numbers to the page, and the title.
    It's basically flood the memory.
    If you leave it running for over 30 seconds, I've noticed the browser will not prompt to close after pressing (o).

    You'd have to bring up the menu and close it. But after that, it will freeze, and the XMB will be stuck. - only a hard reboot will fix this.

    However if my theory is correct, you can do about:config, and about:browser or even about: ps3, I've never tried anything but since your post I somehow thought of it.

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    Dibblah Guest
    The browser lies. It is in fact netfront.

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    carlowkid1 Guest
    happens on you tube videos as well, if i see another page can not be dispayed when my mates are over havin a few cans, booom... turn off the ps3 and start it up again, ha...ha...

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    slavemaster Guest
    my browser often freezes alot also usually when im streaming videos off youtube or hulu. never happend to me when im browsing the store tho

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    lolle Guest
    The Browser is very easy to crash, but i don't know if we can get anywhere with that...

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    sicfast Guest
    i dont think a browser crashing is going to lead to some sort of exploit, i dont think it runs the codes necessary to acheive this. If anything is going to happen as far as an exploit is concerned i would assume its probably going to be similar to the ones used on the PSP since the two are so closely related.

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