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Thread: PS3 Break Team and Their PS3 JailBreak Product Comparison

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    huangyu Guest

    PS3 Break Team and Their PS3 JailBreak Product Comparison

    During the past few months the PS3 Break team has released three different Break products, I received several samples from, including PS3 Break, P3HUB and USB Break, thanks for their support!

    PS3 Break Team and Their PS3 JailBreak Product Comparison:

    I will talk about them one by one in this post, hope this can help you to choose a Break item in case you have the plan to buy one.

    PS3 Break

    PS3 Break V1.0:

    It is the first product from PS3 Break team. It came out in the same time when JailBreak team released their item, or we can say it is a clone of BailBreak. As soon as the first PS3 hacked news released and due to the cheap price of V1.0 compared to JailBreak, we can imagine that lots of guys bought PS3 Break V1.0 in the early days. Unfortunately, many of them didn't get the update one because of the chip problem.

    There are two different types of V1.0 released in the market, one is short version and the other is long. I am glad to know that what i got was the short upgradeable one. People who received this style can update as always, but long version can not update because the update button is just no use in the long version.

    This update problem also took a big problem to PS3 Break team in the later time. If you bought the non-upgrade one from one site, just contact their after sale service, they may change one for you if the site is trustworthy. The PS3 Break V1.0 is just a beginning, many functions of it are still not so perfect, but it represented PS3 Break time was coming.

    PS3 Break V1.1:

    Several weeks after V1.0 released, new version V1.1 came out, there was no long or short version this time, all of them are upgradeable if you bought it from the official dealer. Due to the V1.0 upgradeable problem, it was not so easy for customers to trust them again, it took a long time to regain faith from players. Another reason, there are many other Break items started showing up in the market at the same time, the competition became stronger and stronger. But it is for sure that V1.1 is much better than V1.0, not only it is upgradable, but also more powerful and stable.

    PS3 Break V1.2:

    It is their newest PS3 Break item until now, the third generation product V1.2 has arrived in the market for more than one month, V1.2 is totally different from his previous seniors. Brand-new appearance design, fire-new style, became more user-friendly and of course upgradeable too. It works great on PS3 so far, stable and less problem, this item inherited all of the functions of PS3 Break V1.0 and V1.1, and the firmware of it updates frequently by PS3 Break official team, they also released some useful tools for this item in order to help users install and manage it. Everything sounds great about this product, looks like it is their last item. But i doubt it, it must be not the end.. more info about PS3 Break V1.2.

    USB Break:

    Has two versions, V1.0 and V1.1. V1.0 can not upgrade and V1.1 is upgradeable. Means if you bought a V1.0 USB Break, you can't update it to V1.1 or even update to another new firmware, so if you got the V1.0, just go and find their after sale service to change another V1.1. the V1.1 works well until now. By the way, the price of USB Break is lower than PS3 Break in the market, but it works well too.


    Actually P3HUB is the best item from PS3 Break team, it is convenient, stable, easy to operate and upgradeable. The only problem of P3HUB is the price, compared to PS3 Break, it is too experience, though it has lots of functions, people still think it not worth buying. If you don't care much about the money, P3Hub is a good choice.

    By the way, it has two different versions too, P3HUB1 and P3HUB2, but listen to me guys, you can only buy HUB2 now, because P3hub1 has already stopped production and sold out. But it is no difference, HUB2 is great too, I may write another article about the differences between P3HUB1 and P3HUB2 in the next review, let's wait for it.


    There are so many Break items in the market, it is difficult for customers to choose the correct one. If you want to buy PS3 Break team items, I may be able to give you some advice. I am interested in knowing more info about other Break items too, I would like to do some research on all of the Break items and then present more details to PS3 News readers. If you have any questions about PS3 Break team or their products, just follow it in this PS3 News site, I am sure you will get the answers here.

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    This is being used as a test article so I will move it to the Site News to make sure our member news promotion system is operating shortly.

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    barbnjason Guest
    Very well detailed and well written. Thank you.

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    We were able to move it successfully using the new system, so (hopefully) people should be able to share news now in the Member News section and then we can simply move them to the main page as necessary.

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    Pcsx2006 Guest
    A very well written and nicely detailed review thanks for sharing buddy.

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    solrac1974 Guest
    Thanks for all the info, I got a PS3 Break 1.0 upgradable, it uses an AT90USB162 chip and works very well, I can install any hex for BlackCats, Minimus, Maximus and others using Atmel Flip software. The only problem of AT90USB162 is the limited 16 Kb of memory for payloads, but for now its working like a charm.

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    KerKid Guest
    One of the jailbreaks I won is a hub2 and you CAN'T leave your harddrive plugged into it like advertised.

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    dabear Guest
    So what is the difference between my ps3break v1.1 and v1.2 regarding functionality? (They obviously have different designs)

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    optimusxcrime Guest
    how about, buy none of these over-priced p.o.s.!!

    there is way cheaper, better quality avr boards on the market these days.

    like the p3go for instance, now that's worth the ticket price!!

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    smaurice2001 Guest
    Thx solrac1974 for the technical info. I like that there will be a full review on all the jailbreaks in the market. but i am a bit disappointed that there is no technical information on the type of chip used inside jailbreaks, like: PS3 break only use PIC chip. Also they don't talk about compatibility with different games,

    Like: PS3 Break V1.1 only run half of the games I load from my internal drive.So if it is possible to give more technical info. that would be appreciated and it would be nice if they would open all the different jailbreaks and expose the PC board, that way we could get information on the type of chip used and quantity of memory used.

    I hope you understand that my critics are for constructive feedback, cause I appreciate all the good work you guys do.

    Thx again

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