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Thread: PS3 Break Team and Their PS3 JailBreak Product Comparison

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    Mack702 Guest
    I still have their version 1.0 sitting next to my comp , it's pretty useless for upgrades as upgrades don't work on it , I bought this awhile back from these liars asked them where I should buy it from and they sent me to a site to get it.. I received it.. found out I couldn't upgrade it and they said I bought a clone lmfao.

    Well how did I buy a clone from someone you sent me to I asked..? They sent me stupid emails and never replaced my dongle. I don't trust this team what so ever and you can get way better products for the price.

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    foresttree1 Guest
    good job. Great article.

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    huangyu Guest


    Quote Originally Posted by dabear View Post
    So what is the difference between my ps3break v1.1 and v1.2 regarding functionality? (They obviously have different designs)
    IMO, no big difference in function. Like you said,they have different design, V1.2 looks like more beautiful, and the update button is more convenient! May be more stable (i don't make sure of it) But you know, now that that V1.2 has been released, the V1.1 has stopped producing and selling...
    Quote Originally Posted by smaurice2001 View Post
    Thx solrac1974 for the technical info. I like that there will be a full review on all the jailbreaks in the market. but i am a bit disappointed that there is no technical information on the type of chip used inside jailbreaks, like: PS3 break only use PIC chip. Also they don't talk about compatibility with different games,

    Like: PS3 Break V1.1 only run half of the games I load from my internal drive.So if it is possible to give more technical info. that would be appreciated and it would be nice if they would open all the different jailbreaks and expose the PC board, that way we could get information on the type of chip used and quantity of memory used.

    I hope you understand that my critics are for constructive feedback, cause I appreciate all the good work you guys do.

    Thx again
    i love your point of view, no body cares about the chip problem, as long as the item is upgradeable and we can use it to play more games. But obviously there is still many more tech problem they should to solve,like the game compatibility, like the V3.5. but i am sure they are working on it now, PS3 hack news changes everyday , nobody knows what will happen tomorrow, let's just wait , and focus the news in this site...

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    richk Guest
    Thanks for the info. Useful to know the differences between the various options out there!

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    alukado Guest
    Well, PS3 Break are very good at marketing though their products are not the best but it works.

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