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Thread: PS3 Blu-ray Drive Project Begins to Run Game Backups via HDD

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    jaaSumbra Guest
    1 more new tweet from SKFU:

    we'll just finish a few details in the code then poc is going to be released
    20 minutes ago via web

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    adrianc1982 Guest
    hello world? if you are testing with a retail unit then you are note emulating the BD you are running unsigned code, but if you are on a TEST unit then running the code out of a stick. right?

    anyways, i hope its not a fake cause it seems too soon to have a hello world of any kind..

    Edit: reread the tweet and it says the first RETAIL unit dang... what are you doing?

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    teusjuh Guest
    hello world on retail console is pretty awsome process

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    dante489 Guest
    I'm confused! was this project tested on a retail or a debug system?

    are we really going to see a hello world? well i hope it's not fake.

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    urbanracer34 Guest
    Another update from SKFU's Twitter
    just a few more minutes 2 go...
    3 minutes ago via web

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    Pcsx2006 Guest
    OMG what's happing there as i'm reading his twitter i can feel chill in my spine man thats some serious stuff going on there wow i'm really exicited great work SFKU & TEAM now its time to bring down black beast.

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    Preceptor Guest

    We've heard it before

    People, I , along with many of the people have heard all this "retail hello world" bs before. I've seen too many fakes for just one lifetime... So I will believe when I see it, along with a proof of concept.

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    gtxboyracer Guest
    Its ready!!!
    SKFU's Exploit Loader + POC 0.1

    So here is the result of the simple idea. The first code which is 100% PS3 only compatible. No flash, no bd-java or similar.

    This is a beta version of the POC as I'm too tired to finish it now but I don't wanna' let you wait so long. Here you go:


    How 2 Use:

    1. Install loader.p3t like a common theme file.
    2. Put loadme.fu on an USB stick's root dir.
    3. Insert USB device into any PS3 USB port.
    4. Enable the the theme you just installed before.
    5. Hello World.

    How It Works:

    The PS3 theme file is able to load the loadme.fu script from any USB port. The script is executed. The "loader" is for future-use aswell to load any .fu files which I'll release.

    Stay tuned for updates!

    - SKFU

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    Apr 2005


    Discussion of SKFU's PS3 Exploit Loader and POC v0.1 is being moved here:

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