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Thread: PS3 Blu-ray Drive Connected and Recognized as Reader in a PC!

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    kikeadsl Guest


    Maybe, the driver isnīt 100% compatible with the BD device, but the most important itīs get access to the FW to modify it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kikeadsl View Post
    The BR-D have only capability to read Blurays not to burn... but the next step is try to extract the FW...
    I'm not sure what DemonHades next step is, but looking forward to hearing more on this project.

    For those who missed it the PS3 Blu-ray drive's Firmware was dumped by several users on a few different version consoles quite some time ago... here is a link to the various dumps, but of course they are all encrypted:

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    kikeadsl Guest
    Iīm sure the next step of Demonhades,trust me xD,iīm admin of his web and his friend.The FW is necessary,but the key of the drive is necessary too. I hope to get notices soon...

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    hycraig Guest


    since this is the actual ps3 bd-drive surely it can access that hidden part of the blu ray disc with the boot flags that cannot be dumped by normal bd-drives, so using the ps3 drive to make a disc image maybe it could make a true 1:1 copy.

    what do you think?

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    wallace80 Guest
    You could access the disc but you would not have a cheap viable option to burn a 1:1 image back without expensive disc mastering hardware.

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    lamirandj Guest
    I'm french, very very good, I congratulate demonhades team good continuation.

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    Kiriller Guest
    ^ But do you surrender?

    mmm would you go about dumping fw by controlling the bd drive?

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    Alfchk Guest
    great newz!!! we can already make a backup of ps3 games under linux on ps3. the principal interest is the possibility to dump the firmware and maybe work on a hacked firmware... no?

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    Osirisx Guest
    all i can see this being used for is making working backups.. no real true home brew sadly.

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    b100 Guest
    Okay, nice. But if they know something to "flash" the drive, there is only a few problems.

    We need to have an blu-ray recorder to record the thing on the disk. Which is the second problem because the disks are very expensive. And then you have the poor internet connection, if you wan't a game and its online. if you gonna download it, it will take ages to get it. And you need an large harddisk because the games are 20 gig or more.

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