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    Apr 2005

    PS3 BD2HDD - PlayStation 3 BD Game to HDD Game GUI App

    Today user has released PS3 BD2HDD, a PlayStation 3 BD game to HDD game GUI application which automaticly creates a HDD patch NPDRM package for your desired game, followed by some revisions below.

    Download: PS3 BD2HDD v0.1b / PS3 BD2HDD v0.1c / PS3 BD2HDD v0.1d / PS3 BD2HDD v0.2a / PS3 BD2HDD v0.2b / PS3 BD2HDD v0.2c2 / PS3 BD2HDD v0.2d2 / PS3 BD2HDD v0.2e2

    To quote: Features:

    -ppf support now you can create and apply ppf files of your working games! but please don't forget to state where to put the files
    -easy to use
    -some patch options to try
    -keeps path lengths (maybe better compatibility)


    1. select local game directory (don't select PS3_GAME)
    2. choose a name for the games backup folder (exactly 6 letters and/or digits)
    3. choose a patch method (try different, if game crashes)
    4. choose the firmware your ps3 is on
    5. click patch
    6. you can find your pkg in the directory you extracted my tool
    7. ftp your backup (contents of PS3_GAME!) to /dev_hdd0/z/XXXXXX (chosen at step 2)
    8. install the package you generated


    -3.55 geohot fw? maybe 3.41 jailbroken works too
    -a game to test on your PC's HDD
    -FTP Server installed on your PS3


    -when using ppf patches you don't have a choice between internal or external
    (defined in ppf)
    -this is an experimental release, plz report fail/success here
    -pkgs with PS3_GAME warnings may still work
    -added experimental support for external drives (might change path length)
    -small patches

    How to make a PPF?

    -click create
    -select your unedited and patched eboot (.elf)
    -click make patch file
    -you can find your ppf in the directory you extracted my tool

    thx to: fail0verflow, geohot, kayot for his great idea

    REPORTED WORKING without PPF so far:

    -Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood
    -Batman Arkham Asylum
    -Battlefield 2
    -Brunswick Pro Bowling (aggressive)
    -Dead Space
    -Gods of War Collection
    -GTA 4 (edit param.sfo back to GD after installing pkg)
    -James Bond Bloodstone
    -Just Cause 2
    -Monopoly Streets
    -Naughty Bear
    -Rock Band: The Beatles
    -Saints Row 2
    -Sam Heroes
    -Silent Hill (aggressive)
    -Singstar vol 3
    -Tomb Raider: Underworld (external & internal)
    -Uncharted Drakes Fortune
    -Virtua Fighter 5
    *more results plz


    -fixed .NET Framework issues

    -support for Test/Debug machines (make_fself_npdrm.exe isn't included, don't ask me for it)
    -minor improvements

    -3.56 keys added

    -auto sfo fix for 3.50 games on 3.41
    -auto make ppf
    -log is more detailed now (debug option)

    -fixed sfo output, should fix corrupted data msg (sorry)

    -better compatibility
    -show icon and info of chosen game

    -support for auto patching unicode paths
    -gui cleaned

    -improved auto patching (+ compatibility)

    :note: How to Turn a PSN Purchased Game Into a ISO Game by Kayot via STLcardsWS

    This tutorial assumes that you have a basic grasp of both the PS3 and PC file systems. I'm also assuming that you are using Windows 7, though it will probably work in XP and under Wine.

    For this tutorial I'll be using Giana Sisters - Twisted Dreams [NPUB31272]. I'll extract it from a pkg I made back before Cobra, though if it's on you're system then you should used the second set of steps.

    What you'll need PS3:
    • PS3 running CFW with ISO Support
    • ReActPSN
    • webMAN and/or multiMAN

    What you'll need PC:
    • CFW Eboot & PKG Resigner v1.20
    • PARAM_SFO_Editor
    • PkgView 1.3
    • HxD
    • genps3iso from the Cobra teams website

    Pre installs:
    • Install reActPSN via a package manager
    • Make a user named aa (delete this after you're done using reActPSN)
    • Setup webMAN and/or multiMAN (Look to other tutorials for this please)

    Copy CFW Eboot & PKG Resigner v1.20, and PkgView 1.3 to c:\temp

    Pre steps type 1:

    If you have it in pkg format, meaning you have your edats and rifs already then we simply extract it.

    1. Relocate pkg file into c:\temp
    2. Open the pkg file with PkgView (Drag and Drop works)
    3. Right-Click NPUB31272 and Select Extract to Source Folder

    There should now be a folder named NPUB31272 in c:\temp

    Pre steps type 2:

    This is if you have the game on your PS3 and you have bought it (if demo only, skip edat extraction)

    Edat extraction:

    1. Insert Fat32 formated USB drive into dev_usb000 (Leftmost slot)
    2. Run reActPSN while holding R1
    3. Remove USB once you have returned to XMB
    4. Go to computer, extract exdata from rap2edat0.zip (located in sub folder on USB drive) to the root of the USB drive.

    That should give you an edat called UP4402-NPUB31272_00-GIANAPS3BFGKEYID.edat, save this FOREVER. I suggest putting a copy into the ISO\PS3_GAME\USRDIR you make. This is what turns your demo into a full copy. As this is illegal to share, don't ask for it.

    Data extraction:

    FTP Route

    1. Since webMAN is running, just get your PS3 IP from the system information and using any FTP client, login.
    2. Go to dev_hdd0/game/ and copy NPUB31272 to c:\temp

    USB Route

    1. Insert USB into dev_usb000 (Leftmost slot)
    2. Turn Multiman on
    3. Go to dev_hdd0/game/ and copy NPUB31272
    4. Go to dev_usb000 and paste
    - Wait for it to finish -
    5. Remove USB, power off system
    6. Insert USB into computer, copy NPUB31272 to c:\temp

    When this is all done, you are ready to start! I'm going to go faster now, so please keep up!

    How to turn a PSN Game into a ISO Disc Game

    1. Copy EBOOT.BIN from c:\temp\NPUB31272\USRDIR to c:\temp
    2. Run CFW Eboot & PKG Resigner v1.20
    3. Select 1 EBOOT Men
    4. Select 1 Cex
    5. Select 6 Resign to 4.30 EBOOT
    6. Select 2 DISC EBOOT
    7. Select n FixELF (No idea what this does, so I chose n for safety)
    8. Select 4 Exit
    9. Rename or Remove c:\temp\NPUB31272\USRDIR\EBOOT.BIN
    10. Move c:\temp\EBOOT.BIN to c:\temp\NPUB31272\USRDIR
    11. Copy PARAM_SFO_Editor.exe to c:\temp (Doing this before using CFW Eboot & PKG Resigner v1.20 will cause CFW Eboot & PKG Resigner v1.20 to delete it when CFW Eboot & PKG Resigner v1.20 closes)
    12. You need to edit c:\temp\NPUB31272\PARAM.SFO AND c:\temp\NPUB31272\C00\PARAM.SFO
    12-A . Set Category on both to DG and set PS3 System to 4.30. Change nothing else.
    13. You need a PS3_DISC.SFB file, get one from another PS3 game or make one using HxD
    13-A. Don't have another PS3 game? Make a new file, insert 1536 byte with a 00 hex value, insert points are in dec, 0->3 is .SFB, 32->42 HYBRID_FLAG, 55 is a 0x20, 64->71 TITLE_ID, 512->513 gu, and 544->553 NPUB-31272 (Change this to game ID of your game)
    13-B. Have the file already? Change the game id midway down the file using HxD to your games id, in this case it's NPUB-31272
    14. Inside NPUB31272 make a folder named PS3_GAME and move the directories contents to that folder.
    15. Put the PS3_DISC.SFB into c:\temp\NPUB31272
    16. Use genps3iso to turn the NPUB31272 directory into an ISO
    17. Copy iso to dev_hdd0\PS3ISO using either FTP or USB
    18. Reboot PS3, mount and play!

    If your game isn't activated any more and you have the edat/rif files:

    1. Make a user named aa if there isn't one (rename it to aa if you've used reActPSN on it)
    2. Make sure the edat/riff file is in the exdata folder on the USB drive
    3. Insert usb drive into dev_usb000 (Leftmost slot)
    4. Run reActPSN while holding L1, this will reinstall your activation files

    Enjoy your ISO... That is unless!!!!

    After this I had an bit of a problem, I have version 1.0 of the game. It prompted for an update to 1.01. I did the update and had an incomplete PSN install. I decided to put this on my disc. It's simple really!

    1. FTP/USB to the NPUB31272 folder located on the PS3 in dev_hdd0\game
    2. Copy the contents to c:\temp\update
    3. Using PARAM_SFO_Editor.exe, edit c:\temp\update and c:\temp\update\C00
    3-A. Set Category on both to DG and set PS3 System to 4.30. Change nothing else.
    4. Copy EBOOT.BIN from c:\temp\update\USRDIR to c:\temp
    5. Run CFW Eboot & PKG Resigner v1.20
    6. Select 1 EBOOT Menu
    7. Select n FixELF (No idea what this does, so I chose n for safety)
    8. Select 6 Resign to 4.30 EBOOT
    9. Select 2 DISC EBOOT
    10. Select n FixELF (No idea what this does, so I chose n for safety)
    11. Select 4 Exit
    12. Rename or Remove c:\temp\NPUB31272\PS3_GAME\USRDIR\EBOOT.BIN
    13. Move c:\temp\EBOOT.BIN to c:\temp\NPUB31272\PS3_GAME\USRDIR overwrite the original
    14. Move c:\temp\update\PARAM.SFO to c:\temp\NPUB31272\PS3_GAME\PARAM.SFO overwrite the original
    15. Move c:\temp\update\C00\PARAM.SFO to c:\temp\NPUB31272\PS3_GAME\C00\PARAM.SFO overwrite the original
    16. Use genps3iso to turn the NPUB31272 directory into an ISO
    17. Copy iso to dev_hdd0\PS3ISO using either FTP or USB
    18. Reboot PS3, mount and play


    Q. Why do this? I can just use it as a PSN install.
    A. There are many different reasons, from being able to mount it over a LAN, to running it off a USB device. I use it so I can compress the games a little better. Compressing encrypted data is a loosing battle by it's very nature. Using this method gives me way better compression then I'd get with just a PKG file.

    The PKG File is 1,773,077,664
    The ISO (With 1.01 Update) is 1,775,173,632
    The Compressed (9) ISO is 480,010,083

    Q. Can I use the update method on disc based games?
    A. It can but it's quite complicated and there is no ONE solution. It involves editing a decrypted EBOOT and redirecting paths back to the disc. This is further compounded by UTF8 based ELF files that deal with two pair character charts. If you don't understand what that means then you probably shouldn't try. For practice, turn a few disc based games into PSN Games and you'll have an idea how to do it in the reverse.

    Q. Why so many steps?
    A. Mac and Cheese is 3 steps and people still goof it. Not really an answer, but it still applies.

    Q. My Assassin Creed [Insert pronoun or verb here] isn't working. It just boots then returns to the XMB with no Error Message. How do I fix this?
    A. Add an empty directory named ASSASSIN_ISO to the USRDIR directory. You have to do this for ALL Assassin Creed games. - bitsbubba

    Compatibility List

    [Register or Login to view code]

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    stinky1978 Guest
    I have been waiting for something like this to come along. I'll have to take a look and see what happens.

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    RushCoil Guest
    Real'y not working at all... It says cannot find my eboot.bin at usdir...

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    raphael4 Guest
    Nice, something I've been waiting for. Maybe I'll finally get MGS4 working from a hard-drive.

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    gtorresini Guest
    When I try to install the .pkg, it says "A later version is already installed. There is no need to install this version."

    Btw, I'm running this with Heavy Rain with it's 2.0 update. It's IMPOSSIBLE to run this game without this update in my system, cause it crashes when I load a game.

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    Kiriller Guest
    sorry i don't quite follow, what is the use of this app? quick explanation from someone would be great, thanks!

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    cdubb9800 Guest
    i guess it worked the two games i did didnt work but that's manually and with this app looks legit.

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    thewarlock Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by RushCoil View Post
    Real'y not working at all... It says cannot find my eboot.bin at usdir...
    Same thing here no EBOOT.BIN finded.

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    Tatsh2DX Guest
    This is almost as cool as ISO2GoD for JTAG 360s. Exactly what I had hoped to come eventually.

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    kmjansen83 Guest
    Will this ever work for use on external hdd, i guess this is for internal hdd use only?

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